11 Countries with No Black Population in the World

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Since predictions are that black population in Africa will rise to 2.4 billion by the year 2050, and we certainly can’t diminish the significance of African diaspora, finding the countries with no black population in the world was a pretty hard task. However, while researching, we stumbled upon a number of countries where Black people are scarce. But, before we continue, let’s ask ourselves: who is considered Black?

People often don’t make a difference between an ethnic group and a race. Although both terms may appear similar, they are pretty much different. Being a member of an ethnic group means being a part of a group of people who are sharing the tradition, language, and social views. On the other side, a race is a grouping of humans who share physical traits like skin color, hair, and facial features. According to PBS, black is someone who has African ancestry. Since the world is one big melting pot of different races as well as cultures, after generations of interracial mixing, it is not easy to answer the question above. If you carry at least one drop of so-called “black blood,” you are considered as black. Then, what about mulatto or colored? As you can see, it is not easy to precisely determine who belongs to the black race and who isn’t. It is more a question of a “feeling” than history and science.

Countries with No Black Population in the World


So, the countries with largest black population are located in Africa, what is somewhat logical, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t black people all over the world. There is more than 1.4 billion individuals (of African ancestry) spread across the Americas, the Caribbean islands, Asia and Europe. In case you were wondering where they are living, take a look at the 11 Countries with Highest Black Population outside Africa as well as 10 Best Countries to Raise a Black FamilyCNBC confirms this, and their recent studies are showing that by the year of 2050, 1 in 4 people on Earth will be African. So, in this open world, it is really hard, if not impossible, to find a country with no black population. People are free to travel and live everywhere, so it is not rare to find “black countries” outside of Africa.

That’s why we struggled to compile a list of countries with no black population in the world, and what we come up with is a list of countries with the lowest black population. So, we visited the CIA World Factbook to check out the racial and ethnic composition of every country in the world. Furthermore, we used nothing more than logic and credible facts. It is common knowledge that black people form a huge percent of the total population in Africa, as well as in North, South and Central America, so we excluded countries from these continents. Finally, we singled out the Asian and European countries that have the lowest percentage of population marked as “other” in CIA’s Factbook. Since we were looking for countries with no black population or smallest percentage of black people, we used the overall population as a parameter to rank the countries. Unfortunately, some of the countries on the list found their place in the list of worst countries in Europe and Asia for black people to live and visit as well.

Don’t wait for any second more, and proceed to the full list of 11 countries with no black population in the world.

11. Jordan

In case you like visiting ancient cities, you should start planning your next trip to Jordan. Even though this country has a history of accepting refugees, it has one of the smallest percentages of the black population. Its overall population is 9,903,803, with Arabs being the most numerous, while only a small percentage of the population is considered as Circassian and Armenian.

Countries with No Black Population in the World

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