11 Countries That Consume the Most Alcohol

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Let’s raise our glasses to the 11 countries that consume the most alcohol and sure know how to hold their liquor! They are the veterans of the heavy drinker’s circles and seasoned in the art of having a few (litres in this case). And, when considering consumption of pure alcohol per capita among adults per annum some of the top countries on the list score as high as 17 litres even. Crazy right!

We inferred that majority of these countries lie in the Eastern Europe, so if you are an enthusiasts yourself, you know where to head for some indulgence and find some drinking company for your next holiday trip. For the meat lovers, however, we have our The 10 Countries that Eat the Most Meat that is bound to excite them.


Obviously, the residents of these countries are also faced with severe health hazards for their heavy drinking habits. They are more susceptible to alcohol disorders and alcohol induced health concerns. It is likely to affect life-expectancies and may be the cause of severe physical and mental issues. It is also evident that both men and women of the said are among the heavy drinkers in the world. Even if the men do consume more than the women, the list of countries that consume the most alcohol would hardly be any different if only the women of the world were considered.

On a lighter note though, these are the countries every alcohol lover should try to visit, just to have a good time and to soak in a culture that encourages keeping your spirits high. So let’s tank up and say cheers to the countries that consume the most alcohol.

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