11 Best Countries to Find a Virgin Wife

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When it comes to the average age of first sex across the globe, European countries lead the way, being the youngest, with Iceland topping the list, where people lose their virginity at the age of 15.6, so, if you are searching for the best countries to find a virgin wife, you should probably avoid the old continent.

It seems like these days young people are feeling pressured to have sex. After all, sex isn’t a taboo anymore, and somehow, not being a virgin became a norm. Apparently, social media are pushing young people to evolve too quickly since sex is a top topic these days. Moreover, we are living in a fast world, while waiting and patience are often perceived as arch-enemies of today’s lifestyle.

Best Countries to Find a Virgin Wife

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So the question is, to wait, or not to wait? There are pros and cons to both sides. By restraining yourself from the premarital sex you’re avoiding all the bad things related to having more sexual partners, like STD infections. But, what if that special one enjoyed a casual sexual lifestyle before he or she married you, a virgin? Moreover, no matter how the phrase “I’ll save it for that one person” sounds romantic, what if the two of you aren’t compatible when it comes to sex, and you find out that only after saying that faithful yes? Even though the relationship between two people is so much more than sexual pleasure, we can’t diminish the importance of sex. After all, it’s the foundation of a healthy relationship and marriage alongside trust, friendship, good communication and, of course, love.

Nowadays, virginity is a controversial topic, and understanding the term is a bit complicated. If we are observing it from a purely physical aspect, traditionally, a woman is a virgin if her hymen, the thin membrane that surrounds or partially covers the opening to the vagina, is intact. This poses a set of questions since a hymen can break due to some injuries, while some women are born without it. Also, not all hymen bleed when “broken”. Not to mention that every hymen is different. And this is only vaginal sex, we are talking about. But, what about oral, anal, and the other types of sex, such as gay sex – are these taken into consideration when it comes to deciding if women is a virgin or not?

Torn between modern lifestyle and deep-rooted traditions in their cultures, many women undergo procedures called hymenoplasty or hymen restoration. Over the past few years, this trend is increasing, especially among the Muslim woman in Europe. And while women got their piece of freedom with an invention of the contraceptive pill, that way being in control of its reproductive health, in cultures where virginity is perceived as an asset and a crucial quality for marriage, radical measures are taken. These beliefs are not restricted only to some of the Muslim communities. For instance, in Armenia and Georgia which are Christian countries, virginity tests known as blood ceremonies are still performed. The practice includes checking of a wedding sheet for bloodstains the morning after the first wedding night. Moreover, a few years ago, in South Africa, girls were even awarded bursaries partly based on the fact they were virgins. So, there’s the proof there are still countries where virginity is important.

On the other side of the globe, we have the USA, one of the representatives of “Western civilization,” a country that’s positioned halfway through the list of countries lined up according to the average age of first sex. Americans loose virginity at the age of 18, which is slightly above the world’s average of 16.9 years for male and 17.4 years for a female. Personally, I expected Americans to be looser when it comes to this topic, being promoters of “hook-up culture,” but, since they even didn’t make it to the list of best countries for one night stands this was somewhat expected. Some say it’s a “fear of intimacy,” some it’s overexposure to pornography, but one thing is for sure, millennials are bigger “prudes” when it comes to losing virginity than their elders. So, to the questions like “can I find a virgin girl in America,” the answer is apparently yes since about 3% of Americans are actually waiting until marriage to have sex. For those looking to get married over the pond, we made a selection of best places for an American to find a wife in the world, so find out which is the best country to find a wife.

But, be aware that often, the fact that a girl is a virgin, doesn’t guarantee you she’s going to be faithful, once you marry her. After all, virginity does not equal loyalty. And while the reasons for one to cheat are numerous, one of them might be that a person who married you as a virgin at some point during your marital life gets an urge to try something else. And no matter how trivial this sounds, it’s something that happens. So, if your time has come, check out our list of countries with most unfaithful wives, because those are probably not the best countries to find a loyal wife.

In order to compile a list of the best countries to find a virgin wife, we decided to stick to the three parameters. First, we looked up for countries where people are likely to be older at their first sexual experience. For that, we relied on Independent’s map of the world based on Durex’s survey on the average age people decide to lose their virginity. Then we consulted MoveHub’s map of most liberal countries in the world. Of course, for our research we singled out those least liberal, having in mind that those most conservative are living in these countries. We overlapped both lists, singled out the eleven countries with most conservative people who are waiting for their twenties when it comes to the first sex. When it was a tie, we consulted Worldometers’ list of countries in the world by population (2018). The more people the country had, the more virgins there are, thus it’s easiest to find one. Simple as that.

And while we can’t exactly give you an answer to how to find a virgin girl for marriage, we can definitely help when it comes to where to look up for her. The rest is up to you and your charm. So, let’s start the countdown of the best countries to find a virgin wife.

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