15 Best Countries for One Night Stands

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If you’re thinking about spending holidays abroad, and you’re filling lucky, then you should pay a visit to one of the best countries for one night stands. After all, it’s a time of mistletoe and wine, and we all know how alcohol can do wonders for the libido.

The reasons people engage in casual sex, occasional hookups, and one night stands are numerous. There are those who just like to play the friends-with-benefits game; those using sex as a coping mechanism after a break-up; while, there are those who are just feeling experimental and adventurous. Nevertheless, when it comes to man, there’s definitely less strings attached. After all, baby on the way is a responsibility, and women are (by nature) at a potentially greater “risk.” In any case, those concerns are usually left behind, because sex, simply, feels good. But, there’s always a problem – how to get some?

Since we’re living fast lives, in an instant world, people are accustomed to swift responses and solutions. We like to drink instant coffee, and share the bowl of instant noodles with our instant boyfriends and girlfriends. Often, just a simple text message is enough to get instant sex. And indeed, sex and social networking go hand in hand. Online dating, sexting and taking sexy selfies are just some of the joys of being young (not exclusively) and restless in the 21st century. Knowing that more than 4 billion people worldwide are using the internet (what’s still a bit more than 50% of the world’s population, but that’s another topic), and around 3 billion has smartphones, it’s easy to understand why Tinder and Grindr are a pure success. After all, more than 50 million people across the globe are “making every single moment count” while using it. One night stands became common occurrences, and often, a passionate night is just a tap away.

Best Countries for One Night Stands

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Since Millennials have fully embraced the use of technology, and more than a quarter of adults (in the US) are “almost constantly” online, therefore, an instant life is somewhat a natural consequence, right? And while I’m one of those who like to nag all day long about how people today don’t know how to live and love without posting it online, it’s scientifically proven that marriages that began online are to last longer and are more satisfying. Also, the most popular way people meet their significant others nowadays is online. That way the whole planet became a love playground, making it easier to find the right person. So, scrolling through lists of best countries to find a girlfriend might be a good start if you decided to settle. Still, I’m not quite convinced social networks are the Cupidon of the third millennium. But, that’s probably because I’m a Millennial stuck in a time machine. Nevertheless, our today’s topic is light years apart from the idea of marriage, so, let’s get back to finding out what is the easiest way and best place to get laid (across the globe).

First, let’s find out which destinations to cross off the list. If you’re heading to the old continent, you should avoid Hungary, while there’s a number of countries to avoid in Asia as well, at least according to our article on hardest countries to get laid. Whether the reasons for people there to be so conservative are of cultural or personal nature, if you’re horny better head out to one of the easiest countries to get laid in the world. Apparently, you won’t regret if you visit any of the Eastern European destinations as well as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil (especially in March).

Next, we have, location, location, location! OK, I’m not trying to sell you a house but to emphasize just how important is a place, when it comes to meeting a one night stand. So, best places for one night stand, or to meet one, besides hookup apps and websites, are definitely weddings, parties, and nightclubs, since there’s a lot of booze and a lot of man/women. Also, think twice what you’re going to wear next time you decide to take a walk in the park, maybe you bump up to someone interesting. Then, there’s a gym, store and maybe even a museum. Who knows, maybe history can be an aphrodisiac, especially when it comes to handsome archaeologists.

But now, let get serious for a second – no matter where you go and what you do, protect yourself as much as possible from STDs. It’s not a novelty that people tend (like) to judge, and that they are often inconsistent when it comes to how many sexual partners is too many (among other things). Hence, the promiscuity is a relative term. But one is for sure, one unprotected sex is one too many. Rates of STDs in the US are skyrocketing, with almost 2.3 million new cases reported over the last year. Moreover, have you heard about Donovanosis? It’s a rare STD that destroys genital tissue and it turned up in Europe a few months ago. Not to mention that AIDS is spreading alarmingly in Asia and the Pacific region where more than 5.2 million people live with HIV. The same can be said for both South America and Africa. Around two-thirds of all people infected with HIV are from Africa, some of the reasons being poverty, poor medical care, lack of education and prevention and widespread prostitution as well as promiscuity and polygamy practiced mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. Having sky high HIV/AIDS rates, the conclusion might be that most promiscuous countries in Africa are those on the south and east of the continent. So the bottom-line is – play safe!

And now, let me elaborate on my quest for the best countries for one night stands. First, I singled out top 20 most liberal, free and tolerant countries in the world with a help of MoveHub’s research and the Telegraph’s map based on the data from The Legatum Prosperity Index. After all, we all know how important is to be open-minded and tolerant when it comes to one night stands. In most cases, those countries were quite friendly, according to Inter Nations’ Expat Insider 2018 report, and also happiest, as evidenced by the World Happiness Report for 2018. Friendly people are more approachable, and they are easy to make “friends” with, while it’s essential to feel welcome if you want to create a successful hookup atmosphere. Moreover, happy people are more creative, so… you get the picture. Also, this search for the best countries for one night stands wouldn’t be complete without some maps and charts explaining sexual activity worldwide. And lastly, it’s was only natural to check for cities with the best nightlife, and lists provided by National Geographic, The Telegraph, Student Universe, to name a few, were more than helpful. Since I came across a bunch of American cities, like Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, etc., as nightlife capitals of the country, I assumed that those are probably the best US cities for one night stands, as well. In addition, the US didn’t make it to the list. At the end, I gave a point to each of twenty countries every time it was mentioned in the sources mentioned above. Finally, I narrowed it down to the 15 best countries, according to the results, where the country with the most points ended up first, that way being the easiest country to have a one night stand.

So, let the games begin – the best countries for one night stands!

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