10 Countries With Most Unfaithful Wives

Did you ever wonder what are the countries with most unfaithful wives or if there even exists that kind of research? Naturally, with a delicate subject such as this, it would be childish to expect the ultimate study that reveals them for sure. However, there actually exist some interesting researches that have helped us tackle the question. Before we head on to our sources and explain our methodology let’s reveal some interesting facts we have found while thoroughly researching the topic.

Let’s face it, in today’s modern world it is much easier to commit an adultery. Due to those online sites that actively encourage cheating, such as Ashley Madison, for example, there are more options for those who are looking for a little fling on the side. Unfortunately, this phenomenon isn’t just restricted to specific people or countries, it’s a worldwide practice. Even in countries that are famous for their beliefs pertaining to honor, such as Japan, there are shameful adultery statistics – Japans infidelity rate amounts to 38% of men and 31% of women who have admitted being unfaithful.

10 Countries With Most Unfaithful Wives


Another intriguing question one might ask is – who are the most unfaithful men? Is there a type, how can you recognize one? Well, we can’t tell you for sure, but we found another entertaining statistic that tells us of which profession are men that are most likely to cheat. According to it, men that work in the trades businesses are most unfaithful, followed by those in the information technology sector. So, ladies, stay away from those bad guys! Instead, you can definitely try grabbing one handsome from these 10 countries with the most faithful husbands. Since generally men cheat more than women, these countries with the most faithful husbands may also be considered as the countries with the lowest infidelity rates, and in case you are curious – Australia tops this one. Now that we moved on to Australia in dealing with those that are most faithful, we started wondering if these statistics vary a lot from country to country and from one continent to another, and what about the races? What is the most unfaithful race? Has someone done a study about this? Well, to our surprise it did, and according to those statistics, African Americans are the ones who cheat the most in America. Yes, keep in mind this was a statistic for the demographics of infidelity in America, not globally. And, when it comes to the US, I know you are wondering, and we do have an answer – Alabama is the most adulterous state.

Taking all said into account you can presume that finding the countries with most unfaithful wives was not an easy task. However, we managed to track some sources and combine them forming our list that guesses in which countries women are most likely to cheat. We say guess, because people usually try to hide their affairs, and not everyone will admit to committing adultery even if they know for sure their name won’t appear in the study. In the lack of other sources, we had to rely on a study conducted by Durex, for which more than 29,000 people over 36 countries were questioned about being unfaithful. According to Durex’ research Nigeria is the most adulterous country in the world. However, this research was passionately disputed by Nigerians who claim that they are very religious and think of adultery as a major sin, hence there must be something wrong with the study. This was one of the reasons we didn’t want to use only this research, a top of it being a few years old. That’s why we decided to complement our research with a survey by Victoria Milan, another dating site for those already in relationship, and a study on the most unfaithful nationalities. The first survey reveals women who are most likely to cheat the soonest once they get married, which we thought is an interesting statistic that gives further insight from a different angle. And the other study we used with the argument that if these countries have the highest infidelity rates in general, that gives a higher possibility that women in these countries also cheat more. Combining these three provocative studies we have come down with our own original list that presumes what are the countries with most unfaithful wives. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?