10 Best Places for an American to Find a Wife in the World

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Throughout the whole of history, finding an ideal mate has been one of the human race’s most primal priorities, so in order to make it a tad easier for you, here’s a list of the 10 best places for an American to find a wife in the world. As you click through our list, I will give you a bit of an overview on the history of modern marriage (which I learned from Yesterday and Live Science), and its implications. If you keep reading, you might even realize you don’t want to get married at all! But first, how do we know where Americans find their wives?

The answer to that question lies with the Department of Homeland Security –as it often does- and their “Profiles on Legal Permanent Residents”. Their stats allow us to extract data on how many “Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens” possess “legal permanent resident status”, their countries of origin, and how many of them are female. It’s not an exact science, but it gives us a pretty good idea of how the deal works, and Return of Kings provides an excellent map on the matter. However, since that article is over 4 years old, many things have changed, so I had to adjust the percentages to the new stats, from 2015.

I’ve surfed several web sites –such as Foreign Brides, and our very own IM list on the 10 Easiest Countries to Find a Wife– and crossed-referenced them with the stats provided by the Department of Homeland Security. I then went on to rank them by number of female residents in the US by country, and out of that list, I picked the countries that showed over 60% of the total “legal aliens” (or immigrants, in plain English) were female. By means of example, China has over 42.490 female residents in the US, but that only represents 57% of Chinese immigrants, which is too close to 50-50 to assume that 7% would all want to marry Americans. This is, of course, a mildly racist, undeniably sexist “back of the envelope” calculation that doesn’t consider age groups or sexual preferences. If you feel “iffy” about these results, the stats are featured on the DHS website previously provided, and you can do them yourself.

Last but not least, on the subject of marriage, I would like to establish that being married doesn’t make you any less of a lonely loser, so don’t go thinking a wedding band is going to fix your problem. If, however, you’re still interested in finding an exotic, probably not very willing wife, click next and start shopping! Now, let’s see our list of best places for an American to find a wife in the world.

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