11 Baldest Countries with the Highest Balding Rate in the World

Hair loss statistics show that the baldest countries with the highest balding rates in the world are all European and North American. It appears that not even these highly developed nations can fight the course of nature that brings with it the nightmare called male pattern baldness.

Asian countries in comparison seem to have thatches of luscious locks. The least bald country in the world, which is China, also belongs to Asia. Even countries with brown populations like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Middle Eastern nations are fortunate in the hair department. I mean that’s pretty obvious considering the thick manes possessed by the most handsome Indian men in the world and the most handsome Arab men in the world.

The geographical distribution of baldness also answers the question of which race is more prone to baldness. White people of any descent are obviously more susceptible to the phenomena judging by the nations on our list and owing to the relationship between ethnicity and baldness. Bruce Willis and Jason Statham must have realized that fact earlier than most, instead of worrying about their receding hairlines as men do. And it has served them right. They’re bald, but I’m sure they contribute to America’s spot on the 15 Countries with the Most Handsome Men in the World. Oh wait, the US isn’t on that list. Well…

11 Baldest Countries with the Highest Balding Rate in the World


Jokes aside, if your bald spot is growing faster than the pile of work waiting at your desk, it’s not something to be ashamed or worried about. How fast your hair will fail you is mostly a hereditary matter and not something you should be fussing about. In fact, I’ve got an interesting piece of information for all you insecure men out there who obsessively Google hair loss statistics and treatments: as reported by Business Insider, bald men are seen as more successful, dominant and masculine! You can’t argue with cold hard fact. But obviously, this study talks about men with entirely smooth shiny heads, not those whose heads are a myriad of bald patches. So my recommendation? Shave your heads, guys! It’s exponentially more attractive.

If you’re still not convinced, then check out Men’s Health, which lists a couple of useful non-surgical treatments you can use to slow down thinning hair. Surgery is also an option of course, but not everyone can afford such drastic measures.

Unfortunately, countries with the most balding will have to worry about this much more than others. So we decided to compile them for you but how did we do it? Glad you asked. Well, upon initial research, I found that the same list of countries was repeated on every website, with the exact same statistics too, so I decided to look for the source of this data. Finally, I found that the numbers pertained to a survey conducted by Trip Advisor Japan, according to this Japanese website. The survey enumerated the percentage of balding men in various countries, which formed the basis for our ranking and gave a clear picture of baldness around the world. For my visually intelligent friends who require a baldness map to go with this informative article, I’ve got you covered. Just head on over to Express.co.

So now if you’re ready for a dose of hair loss statistics worldwide (or hair loss by race if you want to call it that), click on next to discover the first nation to find its way on the baldest countries with the highest balding rates in the world.