10 Most Handsome Arab Men in The World

Men from the Middle East have been long renowned for their beauty and these 10 most handsome Arab men in the world make it easy to see why.

In 2013 a story of three men being deported from Saudi Arabi made its rounds around the globe in a matter of hours. While people being deported from the Desert Kingdom for a variety of reasons is nothing new, the justification authorities gave for this particular incident was quite interesting. Apparently, their offending quality was their handsomeness. Saudi Arabia’s infamous Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices AKA religious police were afraid that they will cause women to fall in love with them and thus break Sharia law enforced in the country. Remember that song I’m too Sexy by Right Said Fred? They should add another verse, too sexy for Saudi Arabia.

10 Most Handsome Arab Men in The World

Pixabay/Public Domain

One of the hotties in question, Omar Borkan Al Gala, later admitted that they did overblow a story a bit and that they were only asked to leave the festival they were attending because a crown of swooning girls has gathered around them asking for their autographs.

Men from Asia has been quite popular with the ladies lately and if you take a look at Most Handsome Indian Men in the World, it is easy to see why. Similarly, there isn’t any shortage of handsome men in the Arab world as well. Many of them have found themselves on the covers of world’s most popular magazines due to their modeling and acting careers. Their mystic charm of the desert often proves irresistible for many girls from around the globe. One of the best examples is Tony Shalhoub, AKA Adrian Monk, the famous detective is played by an actor with Lebanese roots, which only adds to the mystery of the role.

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder and determining 10 most handsome Arab men in the world is a tricky assignment. No matter who we choose for our list, there will be those who disagree. That is why we decided to consult the hive mind of the Internet. The first thing we looked at was Beauty Around and their selection of 60 most handsome men in the world. We went through it and chose Arabs. Then we consulted Shoes and Drama and finally, for all of you dreaming about a prince on a white horse, we went through the list of the most handsome princes of the world at Forbes and picked out few Arab royals, just to spice things up. Let us know in the comments if we missed some Arab hotty.