10 Most Handsome Indian Men in The World

If tall, dark and handsome is your taste in men – the most handsome Indian men in the world are bound to make your heart race! Indian men are considered one of the best looking in the whole world, and for a reason. Their dark hair, mocha-colored skin and deep eyes – make for the perfect features of a handsome face!

Of course, all races in the world are beautiful and can boast of handsome and charming men. Men who can make girls swoon all over the world. The perfect combinations of good looks, terrific personalities and confidence to win over hearts!

The tastes and preference of each one of us may differ, however, once you lay your eyes on the best looking Indian origin men across the world, we’ll all have to agree that they are too fine to resist. And, if you still don’t find your ideal man among the best-looking Indians, maybe you can try looking for the ones in the 11 Countries with the Hottest Guys in the World list.

10 Most Handsome Indian Men in The World

The Indian Men appearing on our list come from all walks of life. Ranging from Indian origin Hollywood Actors to the most good-looking Bollywood stars and TV actors of today. While some of them have been popular for a while others have barely just made their presence felt. Some are well-known faces all over the world, others might be a happy discovery you are about to make.

And how have they qualified to the list? Various accolades won by them have been considered and compiled together. They have all found their place on world lists by renowned publications like GQ, IndiaTv News and Harper’s Bazaar,  or appeared in the esteemed list of TC Candler’s Most Handsome Faces over the past years. And also won titles like Mr.World – to easily qualify as the most desirable men across nations.

So are you ready for a tall drink of water? Let us treat you with the most handsome Indian men in the world!