10 Pharmacist Shortage Countries in Need of Pharmacists in 2017

For all those young aspiring pharmacists out there, here are pharmacist shortage countries in need of pharmacists in 2017. 

Pharmacists. Isn’t it great to be one? For starters, you are a medical specialist and your role in helping people get well is really important and valued. You get smiles of appreciation on a daily basis, don’t you? Secondly, you are not the least moved with competition as doctors. You know how they are always arguing over which field of medicine the takes greater precedence and is more significant than the others. Surgeons are usually in the highest esteem, as it appears (or perhaps the loudest). Nevertheless, nothing would be possible without the right prescribed medicine, and that’s where you jump in. Furthermore, there are lots of positions to choose from. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy gives a few examples. You are eligible to work in retain chain community pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, managed care organizations, colleges, schools or the pharmaceutical industry. Eventually, you may end up working for the federal government. All in all, your job gives you a lot of perspectives, and you can try your luck all over the world if you wish. Obviously, you do. What other reason would bring you to this article?

10 Pharmacist Shortage Countries in Need of Pharmacists in 2017


It would also be a good time to mention the salary benefits. The average salary of a retail pharmacist is around $117,000 in the US. Its colleague, a clinical pharmacist, could be earning a bit less – about $105,000 per year. These are some pretty decent figures. If you want to find out more, check out the list of highest paying countries for pharmacists. By the way, one of the most popular countries for pharmacists is Switzerland. There are a couple of reasons why lots of people are trying to become a Switzerland pharmacist. First of all, there’s the average salary of $83,600, as told by Pharmacy Times. Even though you’ll be earning much more in the US, Switzerland is sometimes considered to be the best country for pharmacy jobs because only 4% of the pharmacists have over 20 years of experience. The majority have only 1 or 4 years of experience, which tells us there are always job opportunities for you and your colleagues. Moreover, not being the highest paid pharmacist in the world isn’t that important if you are living and working in the country which was proclaimed to have the highest quality of life regarding pollution, safety, traffic, and healthcare altogether.

After naming all these advantages, if you are about to graduate from high school, check our article on best undergraduate pharmacy schools in the US and start working on your dream. You will be able to earn a salary that is very competitive, and you must admit the job offers quite a few perks. On the downside, you will have to stand a lot during your work hours, regardless of whether a retail pharmacy or a lab is your place of work. Working with people is immensely rewarding, but it can be a nuisance if or when you encounter some rude customers.

Let’s see now which are the pharmacist shortage countries in need of pharmacists in 2017. First, we asked who else but the FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) and read their report for 2015-2017. We learned that pharmacists are most urgently needed in African countries, especially one of them. You’ll find out later which one is infamous for this. We use the word “infamous” because the reason why so many African countries are in desperate need of pharmacists is that there are lots of poverty and HIV affected areas. One more piece of advice: whatever you do, don’t go to Armenia. They have the highest density of pharmacists in the world, so there is no use of sending them your CV.

Therefore, one way of doing research was checking which African countries need pharmacists the most, and we also found it at Businesslive. But if you are not so keen on going to this continent, don’t worry. Our second method is much more appealing. We checked which countries are offering work visas for this occupation, and there were quite a few in the highly developed part of the world. We roamed through Immigration New Zealand, NaukriGulf, CanadaVisa, and SBS to find the data. With the list of countries in need of pharmacists, we are also providing you with details on the particular country and some useful information about the pharmacist jobs there (e.g., the salary or types of pharmacists needed). Finally, we flipped through the Irish Times, ENCA, PharmacyChoice, FreeMalaysiaToday and last but not the least, PSC Govt Jobs.

The countries are listed in no particular order so that you could choose to your own preferences. After all, there are many factors which could influence your decision of working somewhere, such as climate, for example. No matter how different they may be in many aspects, they have one thing in common. These are all pharmacist shortage countries in need of pharmacists in 2017.