10 Movies About Amnesia on Netflix

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If you’re wondering whether the onscreen representation of amnesia represents the real thing, you should check out the 10 movies about amnesia on Netflix. So what is amnesia? Well, as the movies portray it, amnesia is a disease which cause memory loss to the patient. Sometimes, it can even result in the patient being unable to form new memories at all. Now you may be wondering how it is possible that people can have memory loss yet they can still talk and walk, and perform routine tasks. Well, that’s how amnesia affects a person. It doesn’t affect one’s identity or even the motor functions, but of course, life is definitely hell when you can’t recall anything.

Movies seem to love amnesia; there are tons of movies out there where the main character has amnesia, leading to some whacky hi-jinks which culminate in a happy ending for everyone. Now a disease is no laughing matter, nor is it generally “feel good”. Hence, Hollywood has to take a lot of liberties when presenting a movie on the same. That’s why there are significant differences between amnesia in real life, as pointed out by several neurologists, and amnesia in movies. The patterns of memory loss that affect real patients are usually not conducive to a simple plot which makes for a feel good movie. For example, if a movie shows that going to sleep completely deletes the previous memories of an amnesiac, the opposite is actually true. Sleeping actually strengthens the memories of the previous day, thereby making the entire premise of the movie redundant. On the other hand, if feel good movies aren’t really your thing and you want something more macabre, feel free to check out the 12 best serial killer documentaries on Netflix.

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is the leading global streaming subscription service. It has the biggest library of movies and TV shows. We tried subscribing to The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS)’s recently launched service but there isn’t much in it for us. We cancelled it. Netflix is different. It has a very diverse library and Netflix has been aggressively investing in it. That’s why we are creating the list of amnesia movies on Netflix.

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Marijus Auruskevicius/Shutterstock.com

Marijus Auruskevicius/Shutterstock.com

Amnesia is a very popular disease in Hollywood apparently, mainly because it isn’t considered as depressing as cancer (which is preferred for movies which want to end with the audience crying out), and as such, there are dozens of movies out there on the topic, with several being featured on Netflix, and are just one click away from being streamed by you. We have selected 10 movies about amnesia on Netflix which are ranked based on their IMDB score; so if you’re interested in seeing how Hollywood depicts this disease, head on over to the list!

10. Secret Obsession (2019)

One of the latest movies to have come out on the topic, this supposed psychological thriller is also one of the worst movies I have seen on the streaming service. The movies is based on woman who suffers from amnesia after a traumatic attack, but finds herself in further danger. In fact, it will probably take you less than half the movie to figure out the supposed plot twist.

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