10 Most Racist Countries in Asia

10. Kyrgyzstan

Percent of respondents who don’t want people from a different race as neighbors: 28.1%

Racism ranking based on this criteria: 16

Percent of people who observed racist behavior in their neighborhood: 35.9%

Racism ranking based on this criteria: 20

Average rank: 18

Overall rank among Asian countries: 10

We start today’s list of most racist countries in Asia with Kyrgyzstan. In this Asian country of 5.7 million population Kyrgyz represent the largest ethnic group. They account for 70.9% of all residents, while largest minority group are Uzbek who constitute 14.3% share of the population.  The relationship between these two ethnic communities has been marked by tensions. According to Euroasianet, Kyrgyz media as well as prominent figures among Uzbeks have contributed to the development of racist narrative in the public speech.

Most Racist Countries in Asia