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Author Archive - Milica Radenkovic

Countries with Lowest Abortion Rates in the World in 2018

10 Countries with Lowest Abortion Rates in the World in 2018

One would expect that places which have strict laws regulating conditions under which termination of a pregnancy is allowed have the smallest abortion......(read more)
Most Profitable Etsy Shops in 2018

11 Most Profitable Etsy Shops in 2018

These 11 most profitable Etsy shops in 2018 found the way to make the best use of Etsy, one of the largest online marketplace specialized in handmade......(read more)

10 US Cities Where Hate Crimes are Increasing

The number of hate incidents rose for the second consecutive year, and these are 10 US cities where hate crimes are increasing the most. Examples of hate......(read more)

26 Jobs That Don’t Require Drug Test in 2018

Here comes the ranking of 26 jobs that don’t require drug test in 2018 where you can find occupations in which less than 4% of employers require......(read more)
easiest LPN to RN bridge programs

6 Easiest LPN to RN Bridge Programs

Here comes a list of 6 easiest LPN to RN bridge programs which we compiled for licensed practical nurses ready to expand their knowledge and start working......(read more)
Easiest Law Schools to Get Into in US

11 Easiest Law Schools to Get Into in US

The ranking of 11 easiest law schools to get into in US is made for future legal experts who worry that their previous academic achievement and LSAT score......(read more)
Safest Fastest Growing Cities in America with High Paying Jobs

25 Safest Fastest Growing Cities in America with High Paying Jobs

These 25 safest fastest growing cities in America with high paying jobs attract thousands of newcomers every year. Abundance of employment opportunities......(read more)
Least Racist Countries in the World in 2018

16 Most Racist Cities in the United States in 2017

Racial tensions, the proliferation of hate groups, hundreds of racially motivated crimes, constantly present segregation all show that racism in America......(read more)
Worst Drug Trafficking Countries in the World

Top 12 Countries That Have the Death Penalty or Use Capital Punishment for Drugs

These top 12 countries that have the death penalty or use capital punishment for drugs have strictest drug laws in the world. Globally, 33 countries have......(read more)
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12 Countries with Highest Dairy Consumption and Low Osteoporosis Rates

Today we are going to present you countries with highest dairy consumption and low osteoporosis rates while trying to answer some questions about links......(read more)
Top 25 Richest Safest Fastest Growing Cities in America with High Paying Jobs

11 Easiest Cities to Start a Business in America

Start-up landscape has been improving in recent years and these are the easiest cities to start a business in America. According to Kauffman Foundation......(read more)

16 Cheapest States to Live in the US for Seniors

When choosing retirement destination cost of living is an important factor to consider so today we present you the cheapest states to live in the US for......(read more)
Easiest Md/PhD Programs to Get Into

10 Best Cities with the Most Healthcare Jobs in 2017

Here is a list for people looking for open positions in the healthcare sector – best cities with the most healthcare jobs in 2017 – where......(read more)

11 Construction Jobs with High Demand

Here are 11 construction jobs with high demand, occupations that offer excellent employment prospects, in the industry which will continue to expand.......(read more)

7 Healthcare Jobs With Flexible Hours For Moms or College Students

Here is the list of 7 healthcare jobs with flexible hours for moms and college students, some of which can be literally done in pajamas. Working from......(read more)
Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs in US

11 Least Stressful Medical Specialties and Careers that Pay Well

It is possible to practice medicine without enduring loads of stress as our list of 11 least stressful medical specialties and careers that pay well will......(read more)
Top Cities With Most Breast Implants in US

10 Most in Demand Medical Specialties in America

Graduates who choose one of these 10 most in demand medical specialties in America should not worry about finding a job. All listed medical fields face......(read more)
6 Best Healthcare Jobs for Felons and People with Misdemeanors

10 Best States with Most Health Care Administration Jobs

Here is the list of 10 best states with most health care administration jobs where you can discover places which have the highest demand for professionals......(read more)
Professions With the Highest Suicide Rates in America

10 Doctors and Specialists Who Work the Longest Hours

Our list of 10 doctors and specialists who work the longest hours shows that some fields of medicine are significantly more time consuming than others......(read more)
10 Cities with the Worst Air Pollution in the US

25 Best States for Environmental Engineers

Here are the best states for environmental engineers where you will discover places ready to offer an annual salary of $105,000 to these professionals......(read more)

10 Easiest Doctor of Osteopathy Schools to Get Into

If you are considering applying for the osteopathic medical program but you are now sure whether your academic achievements make you successful applicant......(read more)

25 Best States for Civil Engineers

Today’s list focuses on the best states for civil engineers, places which offer solid employment opportunities and paycheck that secures comfortable......(read more)

25 Best States for Construction Managers

These are 25 best states for construction managers, workers who are the highest paying among all occupation in the construction sector. On this list,......(read more)

25 Best States for Carpenters

In these 25 best states for carpenters, those who know their way around wood can earn as much as $67,650, which is the highest annual median wage for......(read more)
Most Racist Countries Against Blacks in the World

10 Most Racist Countries in Asia

In these 10 most racist countries in Asia racism is alive and well. A race is a social construct, a concept, an idea that only exists in people’s mind......(read more)

The Story of Shaan Patel, His Shark Tank Video and SAT Prep Classes

Winston Churchill once said “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”, and the story of Shaan Patel, his Shark Tank......(read more)

Top 15 Hydropower Producing States in America

Check out the top 15 hydropower producing states in America, a country which is the fourth largest hydropower producer in the world. In 2015, the United......(read more)
Easiest Countries to Adopt a Baby From

12 Best Countries with Birthright Citizenship

Here is the list of 12 best countries with birthright citizenship, places that grant citizenship to children born on their soil regardless of the immigration......(read more)
Muslim, Islam, Pray

10 Countries Where Muslim Population Will Increase The Most By 2050

Muslim, the fastest growing religious community in the world, will constitute 29.7% of the global population in 2050, and these are 10 countries where......(read more)
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10 Cities and Countries that Will Pay You to Move There

Today we present you 10 cities and countries that will pay you to move there. However, before proceeding, we need to make one thing clear – only one......(read more)

11 Most Successful Disney Movies Ever

Making a list of 11 most successful Disney movies ever was everything but an easy task. During its history that spans back to 1923 when Walt and Roy......(read more)
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10 Countries that Export the Most Wine in the World

These 10 countries that export the most wine in the world account for 88 percent of global shipments. Last year, the value of wine export was €28.3......(read more)
15 Highest Paying Cities for Teachers

10 Best Places to Retire in Virginia

Today we present you 10 best places to retire in Virginia. When choosing a retirement destination, seniors usually take into account a few things. For......(read more)
BP plc (ADR) (NYSE:BP), British Petroleum, Logo, Sign, Symbol, Isolated, Gas, Oil, Fuel

8 Countries that Produce the Most Biofuels in the World

The first two countries on our list of 8 countries that produce the most biofuels in the world account for 69% of the global biofuels production. The......(read more)
harvester, harvesting, harvest, barley, grain, tractor, field, farming, heartland, sunset, bread, rye, ripe, dust, grow, agriculture, swath, yellow, peasant, growing, ears,

10 Countries that Export the Most Wheat in the World

These 10 countries that export the most wheat in the world shipped almost 82 percent of the total crop exports in 2015. Wheat, which is second-most produced......(read more)

10 Countries that Export the Most Uranium in the World

First two countries in our ranking of countries that export the most uranium in the world account for the greatest share of all commodity shipments. According......(read more)

8 Countries that Produce the Most Butter in the World

These 8 countries that produce the most butter in the world account for the greatest share of the global commodity output. Latest data from the US’......(read more)

10 Countries that Export the Most Tobacco in the World

These 10 countries that export the most tobacco in the world account for a significant share of the crop’s total export. In 2015, the value of tobacco......(read more)

8 Countries that Produce the Most Onion in the World

These 8 countries that produce the most onion in the world account for around 65 percent of the global onion output. For centuries, onion has been one......(read more)

8 Countries that Produce the Most Oranges in the World

These 8 countries that produce the most oranges in the world yield more than 90 percent of all grown oranges on the planet. According to US’ Foreign......(read more)

10 Best Cities to Retire in Maine

Today we present you 10 best cities to retire in Maine. Before we go into details, let’s first see whether Maine is a good bargain for retirees. The......(read more)
old, group, friends, leisure, fun, years, european, happiness, embracing, walking, 60-65, people, caucasian, elderly, women, togetherness, holidays, lifestyle, beach,

10 Best Cities to Retire in Pennsylvania

What are 10 best cities to retire in Pennsylvania? Keystone State has become one of the most popular destinations among seniors for a few reasons. First......(read more)
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7 Best Ivy League Schools for Psychology

Today we present you the ranking of 7 best Ivy League schools for psychology, where you will find departments which boast more than a century long traditions......(read more)
loan, money, education, fees, lawschool, money, loan, law, graduation, debt, pay, owe, law-school, scholarship, legal, cap, financial-aid, mortar-board, student-loan

11 Most Profitable Universities in America

If you are searching for a college that pays off check our this list of 11 most profitable universities in America. The rising costs of education have......(read more)
biotech, molecular, soil, scientist, closeup, experiment, goggles, workwear, biologist, protective, researching, green, sprout, molecules, formula, eco, future, sample,

Top 7 Ivy League Colleges for Biology

Here is the list for ambitious young people who dream of pursuing studies in biology at some of the most elite universities in America – top 7 Ivy......(read more)
engineering, engineer, building, civil, business, sketching, plan, project, sketch, vision, human, model, housing, construct, teacher, concept, presentation, estate, male,

10 Top Ranked Construction Companies in the US

We present you the top ranked construction companies in the US, award-winning builders who made their name in the second largest construction market in......(read more)

6 Easiest Construction Jobs that Pay Well

Latest reports on job growth show that construction remains one of the industries that continue to record employment increase which is why we present......(read more)
Workers in an Oilfield Oil Drilling Halliburton HAL BHI SLB XOM CVX BP Stocks

11 Highest Paying Blue Collar Jobs in Australia

Today we present you highest paying blue collar jobs in Australia together with employment prospects for these top earning occupations. Currently, many......(read more)
oil, rig, gas, worker, engineering, engineer, platform, drill, drilling, man, pipe, roughneck, helmet, tall, plant, sky, fuel, clipboard, steel, coveralls, facility, incomplete, power,

11 Highest Paying Blue Collar Jobs in Canada

Today we present you 11 highest paying blue collar jobs in Canada – occupations which refute the stereotype that blue collar industry is reserved......(read more)

7 Poorest Cities in California

Today we present you 7 poorest cities in California, the eight largest economy in the world with GDP of $2.31 trillion, which despite its affluence has......(read more)