10 Most Important Issues and Problems Facing America That Can Be Solved

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In 10 most important issues and problems facing America that can be solved, you won’t find information that will surprise you. You probably already knew about these problems Americans face. But did you also know that they all have solutions?

In order to give you these problems, we referred to articles by Cmc and the University of Missouri which discussed American values. (Funny how “values” in a country can also mean “problems and issues” in a country.) Then we took to Google searching. We searched all of the words below by typing in “(insert problem or issue) in America.” The first ten search results gave us our scores. 10/10 meant that a problem was confirmed to be a problem in the US by 10 out of (the first) 10 search results.

1/10 meant that a problem was only discussed as an American problem in 1 out of the first 10 search results, and therefore less of a problem. We also provided solutions to each issue, along with links to educational articles about these problems.

This article on most important issues and problems facing America that can be solved is not meant to bash Americans or their country. In fact, we can almost say America is great because we have these problems. They’re pretty much all first world ones.

But keep in mind that Google doesn’t know everything. There are many underlying issues that haven’t been written about yet, or at least bumped to the top of the search engine. Which is why the first item on our list had no results stating it as an American problem, but Americans are seeing it more than ever.

Also, yes, these solutions may seem easy. But they’re a lot easier said than done. Hence the reason why these issues have become so glaring in the US lately. A lot of citizens struggle with them, and though they can be overcome, it takes work. Work on your own self.

It may seem relatively pointless to work on your own problems while a whole country weighs in the balance, but this may be the best way we can help. Building orphanages in Haiti and hospitals in Yemen are noble enterprises, but one surefire way to truly improve your own country is to work on yourself. If a whole country is collectively putting out their best, it’s bound to improve.

But even by doing this, unfortunately, all of a country’s problems can’t be solved that easily or quickly. But 10 Biggest Problems in the World That Can Be Solved With Inventions might help.

This list of most important issues and problems facing America that can be solved will help as well, so here goes!

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