10 Most Haunted Places in America

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Whether you believe in the legends or not, the most haunted places in America have made believers in the supernatural and occult out of many people who have been witness to multiple strange and harrowing events that seemingly defy logic. Nor is it hard to understand why there’s such a fascination with such places.

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Many of us would actually like to believe in such things as ghosts, no matter how scary the concept might be on the surface. Why? Because it raises the possibility of each of us also going on to an afterlife in some capacity, which is a comforting concept for many people, even if it meant doing so in a non-corporeal form, all but unable to communicate with the land of the living.

That’s why real-life tales of hauntings, such as the one famously recounted in The Amityville Horror novel and movie are equal parts horrific and intriguing, with that house on 112 Ocean Avenue in Long Island, New York becoming a famous tourist destination. As legendary as it is, that house did not make our list, as there has been no reported paranormal activity within the house since the Lutz family moved out of it after 28 days of terror in 1975.

Whether you believe or not, the most haunted places in America are filled with reportedly true ghost stories passed down through time that are fascinating and frightening, if nothing else. But be aware! From a haunted insane asylum, to horrified cursed battlegrounds, these spooky places are not for the faint of heart. If you just can’t get enough of such tales of terror, be sure to check out the feature we did on The 6 Most Haunted Cities in America, where the hauntings aren’t contained within just one place.

Now then, we present you the list of the most haunted places in America you may visit (or steer clear of). Turn up the lights, and let’s take a trip down scary street.

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