Most Expensive Beef Cuts in the World

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Red meat is certainly flavourful, but the most expensive beef cuts in the world are particularly tender and exquisite in taste. In fact, what differentiates the price rates on red meat is the tenderness of it, the fat quantity and quality, as well as how well-nurtured the animal is. While unfortunately a majority of the cows in the world are bred and raised in confined spaces and fed synthetically balanced food, resulting in poor quality meat, the pricier beef cuts have a different origin. Most of the expensive meat comes from naturally fed animals that enjoy at least some sense of free movement, which reduces stress and therefore leads to leaner, more balanced beef cuts.

In a previous article we compiled a list of the 10 most expensive burgers in the world, many of which are created from some of the beef cuts featured on this list. For those who think that grounding an exquisite meat into hamburger form is nonsense, here’s our compilation of quality steaks in their purest state. These are the most expensive beef cuts in the world.

8. Porterhouse Steak

Price: $39 for a single steak

Much like the famous T-bone steak, the Porterhouse is a massive piece of meat, divided through the middle by a large bone. On the one side you can indulge in a strip steak, while the other, somewhat larger side, is tenderloin. Fibrous, yet tender, this beef is best served with a tanned crust on the outside and the price depends on the weight and size of the meat.

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