Most Expensive Brunch in New York City

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Waking up late on a Sunday, with a hangover and an even larger appetite seems to be almost the norm in the big apple, but a select few will scope out the most expensive brunch in New York City to kick off their day. What do these restaurants offer at sky-high prices that the regular café is missing and how much are the wealthy New Yorkers willing to pay for their culinary weekend delight?

Much like the 10 most popular cocktails in the world, which we featured in a previous article, there are several items that can’t be exempt from any brunch menu: eggs, bread, coffee, fruit, and charcuterie. However, these high-end options offer much more than the regular late breakfast meal, including seafood, champagne, or risotto. So, for the high-rollers in the city, take a look at the most expensive brunch in New York City and be sure to make a reservation, because we all know that high-end in the big apple also means popular.

8. The River Café

Average price: $55

Location: 1 Water St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

What to order: this restaurant is oftentimes dismissed for being too touristic, due to its view overlooking Manhattan. But for those in search of an extravagant brunch, this is a spot you can’t pass up. You can start your meal with duck egg, foie gras, or even a deluxe Wagyu steak tartare before moving on to the main course: pancakes, topped with 24-karat gold-dusted milk chocolate.

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