Most Expensive Baby Items in the World

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Having a new-born oftentimes comes with the responsibility of providing a quality environment for that child, but the most expensive baby items in the world go well beyond the budget of a middleclass family. We won’t address whether or not these items are necessary for raising a baby, but we will let you in on the perks that only the wealthiest children can enjoy and how much their parents are willing to spend for these luxury items.

In one of our previous articles about the 10 most expensive items on Amazon, we proved that even the quirkiest articles can find an owner. In this case, with couples procreating at a later stage in their life – allowing them to uphold better salaries and, therefore, indulge more – we’ll see which products provide a superior level of comfort for new-borns, leading parents to crack their savings account. So, if you’re curious to see what the market has to offer its youngest customers, take a look at our list of the most expensive baby items in the world.

7. Annabel Karmel Organic Baby Purees

Price: $19 per kilo

While many parents simply puree whatever natural ingredients they find in their fridge, others prefer to delight their child’s palette with organic baby food. This particularly pricey example offers flavours like Moroccan chicken or cottage pie, but can put quiet a dent in your budget over the months.


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