Most Expensive Tasting Menu in New York City

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Want to know which is the most expensive tasting menu in New York City? If you are a foodie you will definitely enjoy this countdown, but even more if you are a New Yorker, for every restaurant on our list is located in the Big Apple. NYC has always had an amazing culinary scene, with an endless variety of restaurants for every taste: different cuisines, various styles, diverse influences and a wide range of chefs from all over the world.

Some could state that you don’t even need to leave New York City in order to enjoy food from every corner of the Earth. However, there’s nothing like travelling and enjoying the best local cuisine at its birthplace. All you gourmets out there will definitely enjoy our countdown on The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World.

Let’s take a look at the countdown and find out which is the most expensive tasting menu in New York City.

Most Expensive Tasting Menu in New York City

10. Bouley

A six course tasting menu at David Bouley’s flagship restaurant costs $185. With one Michelin star, Bouley is regarded as one of the best restaurants in New York City. The food of this Tribeca hotspot is modern French and the decoration is casual and romantic. Bouley even has a cellar that is intended for private exclusive parties.


9. Blanca

With one Michelin star, Blanca is definitely one of the top restaurants of New York City. It has a very strict reservation policy, so if you are planning to try their $195 tasting menu just remember that they accept reservations only on the first of the month and on the phone, exclusively. You should expect a modern American cuisine with an Italian influence.

 Most Expensive Tasting Menu in New York City

8. Le Bernardin

Le Bernardin has two tasting menus available for their guests: the Chef Tasting Menu has eight courses and costs $198, and the Le Bernardin Tasting Menu is a $155 seven-course menu. Le Bernardin is a restaurant that specializes in seafood and proudly flaunts its three Michelin stars.


7. Jean-Georges

At Jean-Georges the tasting menu costs $208 and its wine pairing $148. Considered to be the best restaurant of chef Jean-Georges Vongericten’s empire, Jean-Georges has three Michelin stars and four stars of the New York Times rating. If you chose to enjoy its tasting menu you will find a blend of French, American and Asian cuisine.


6. Daniel

The seven course menu at Daniel costs $225 and it offers wine pairings for $125 and $225. Daniel Boulud’s renowned restaurant has three Michelin stars and ranks at #25 of the San Pellegrino ranking. Located in Mahattan’s Upper East Side, Daniel offers contemporary French cuisine.


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