Richest Singers in the World

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The music legends of our time have made a fortune off of their talent, but who are the richest singers in the world? Between record sales, world tours, endorsement deals, and in some cases, movie deals, these singers have accumulated a net worth that surpasses $400 million, setting them well above their industry colleagues.

While every genre has its superstars, there are a select few singers that have managed to transcend the boundaries of their musical style, thereby gaining devoted fans in every continent. Some of the world’s richest hip-hop artists, which we listed in a previous article, can be found on this list as a result of their entrepreneurship and business vision, which boosted their personal fortune significantly. And in spite of the declining sales in the record industry, these 10 artists have found clever alternative ways of keeping the money train rolling, making them the richest singers in the world.

10. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Estimated net worth: $440 million

With only 33 years of age, Beyoncé is the youngest singer on our list. Before marrying rapper Jay-Z, the singer was already one of the most acclaimed stars in the industry and had founded the entertainment and management company, Parkwood Entertainment, in 2008, as well as fashion line, House of Deréon, in 2004. But her fortune increased significantly over the past years through endorsement deals with American Express, Pepsi, and L’Oreal, which earned her over $50 million. 2013 was a particularly successful year for Queen B, as her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour grossed $66.4 million in ticket sales and her iTunes album “Beyoncé” sold 800,000 in the first three days, without any prior marketing.

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