9 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Florida

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If you’re planning on moving then this list of 9 most expensive cities to live in Florida might be for you. Florida is definitely one of the states that many aspire to live in. It has one of the best weather cycles in the US, and it is a home to a lot of wealthy people You’ll find that a lot of celebrities, politicians, and artists live here. It’s good to know the most expensive places to live in Florida if you’re planning to invest. This might become the place where you want to possibly settle down.


Changing where you’re going to live is no easy task. One of the biggest things you have to consider is finances. You can’t just change places if you lack the financial resources to do so. You also have to consider many other personal factors like proximity to loved ones and things that you’ll lose when you leave. If you’re really planning a big move then you should also check out The 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in America.

What Florida cities do you think are the most expensive? You might know a few listed here or may not be familiar with them. Now is a good chance to know more. You may also be reading this and are living in these expensive areas. Let’s find out as we go through this list:

9. Longboat Key

Longboat Key is a very popular destination in Florida. The city is filled with beautiful houses and beaches. With a number of attractions popular to tourists both American and foreign, the prices here are also no joke with the city having one of the highest real estate prices in the country. The city can be found along the west coast of the state.

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