10 Largest Telecom Companies in The World by Revenue

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Curious to find out which are 10 largest telecom companies in the world in terms of revenue? The telecommunication industry has been a witness to a rapidly shifting technology landscape. Today’s means of communication have evolved and become more and more complex. Telecommunications was disrupted by mobile innovation in the 1990’s, followed by the advent of internet based communications like video calling and chatting.

Mobile broadband is set to become central to the industry’s development going forward. It is estimated that the ratio between communications on machines to human communications will reach 30:1 by 2020. This means that the potential of this industry is still quite large. Internet of Things (IoT) is also emerging as a massive opportunity for both IT and telecom companies, which will help close the gap between the physical world and internet (see 5 Best Internet of Things Companies to Invest in).

In order to keep pace with the rapidly changing trends, the telecom players have also evolved over last few years. Besides plain voice calling, they now provide a wide variety of services to their consumers worldwide. We have a listed below a list of 10 largest telecom companies in the world in terms of revenue.

10 Largest Telecom Companies In The World By Revenue


It is interesting to see how the services of these companies have encompassed geographical borders, even though there are national telecom players present in those regions. It shows the importance of customer preference. AT&T Inc. is the world’s largest telecom player by revenue. Only two U.S. based companies made the top five while two Chinese companies found a place in the top ten largest telecom companies in the world by revenue. The list of largest telecom companies in the world in terms of revenue is based on Forbes‘ World’s Biggest Public Companies 2016 ranking.

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