10 Free No WiFi Games for Android and iPhone

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Most times playing on your phone is a way to relax and other times it’s something that causes as much stress as pleasure, but what we can all agree on is that these 10 free no WiFi games for Android and iPhone are the best because they’re not constantly reliant on a network connection.

Mobile internet can be expensive depending, of course, on the provider you’re with and the deal you got. But that’s not necessarily an issue when you’re commuting to and from work unless you’re playing a game that absolutely needs an internet connection. That can turn quite ugly and cause you more stress than needed instead of helping you enjoy your ride.

So, we decided to take a look at the list of games that work offline, requiring no WiFi connection or a data one, at that, since accessing open WIFI connections can be a security risk, while consuming your data plan can cost you quite a bit. We wanted the games we’re looking at to work both on Android and iPhone, for them to be free, and to work offline, as previously stated. If you are looking for more free games, we have another treat for you – 11 Best Free Android Games of 2015!

And, how did we go about finding free no WiFi games for Android and iPhone? Well, we took a look at several sites providing such lists to start with, such as Phone Arena, Android Authority and Android Pit to name a few. We compiled the whole list and then took into account how many times these games showed up on our references, handing out a number of points in direct connection to the frequency of mentioning.

Then, we checked what score they had and how many reviews they’d received on Google Play, mostly because there are few people ranking and rating apps on iTunes. Therefore, we found it more relevant to take into account these apps that have hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of ratings granted by users, rather than a few hundred on iTunes.

Our next step was to rank the games by the number of ratings granted to each game. For instance, games with less than 500,000 ratings got 4 points, while games with over 25 million ratings got 10 points.

Further, we also took into account the score the game had, offering a title with a score of 4.8 and over 10 points, and trickled down towards a score of 4, which got 2 points. Anything below this number was awarded 1 point.

In the end, we added all these numbers together and came up with the final rating for the list of the 10 free no WIFI games for Android and iPhone.

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