10 Healthiest Bottled Water Brands in 2018

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For those who are in pursuit of smarter and healthier choices, here is the list of 10 healthiest bottled water brands in 2018.

So, bottling water began in the 18th century in the United Kingdom, because of the general opinion that tap water was unsafe to drink. Unfortunately, one of the latest reports suggests that biggest water brands are contaminated with the tiny plastic particles during the packaging process. So, it’s completely legitimate to question if bottled water is the safest choice for us. Still, the consumption of bottled water is quite popular, especially in the U.S. where annually $16 billion is spent. Moreover, in the UK only, the bottled water market is worth £2.4 billion, and it is growing every year. Of course, brands of bottled water differ when it comes to quality and price, as evidenced in 11 Best Bottled Water in the World in 2018 and The 5 Most Expensive Bottled Waters in the World.

Healthiest Bottled Water Brands in 2018

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Speaking of differences, what do you think, which one is healthiest, tap or bottled water? We scratched the surface of this subject in Top 10 Healthiest Bottled Water in the World, and today we were aiming to broaden and update our knowledge a bit since water is essential for our existence. So, the first question would be what role does water play in our body? The body of an adult human being, on average, contains 60% water, so the answer is that without water, our cells, tissues, and organs wouldn’t be able to live. When we breathe or sweat, our body loses water, and rehydration is the reason why we often hear that water is life. Besides, water helps in removing waste from the body through defecation and urination. So, the more water you drink, the healthier you are. It’s simple as that, right? The only problem is that for some drinking a gallon of water a day is hard, mainly because water is tasteless. However, last year scientists discovered that there is, in fact, a sixth sense for water, or in other words, we have “water-sensing taste receptor cells” in our tongues. Nevertheless, for 8 best tasting glass bottled water brands in America, the “regular sense” of taste is enough.

In order to make the list of healthiest and safest bottled water brands, we went through Insider Monkey’s articles we already mentioned as well as Reviews’ article on best bottled water. Once we singled out the ten most mentioned brands, we ranked them according to their pH level. So, we started with bottled water brands with pH lower than 7 but higher than 6, because pH level for drinking water should be between 6.5 and 8.5. Next, we covered brands with the level of pH over 7, since the blood, saliva and spinal fluids have a pH of about 7.4, and these brands can improve health and help those who have to balance their pH in order to heal their body. Since pH of 7 is completely neutral, as we already said, and a pH greater than 7 is considered basic or alkaline, while solutions with a pH less than 7 are acidic, we decided to stick to the pH of 7 as being the best for maintaining good health. Also, the pure drinking water has pH 7, which is why the brands of bottled water which have a pH level closer to that one are at the top of the list. Finally, we checked each brand’s website to find out how they treat water before bottling because some companies use extreme filtration (demineralization, distillation, ion-exchange, etc.) to prepare water for bottling, which means that they are removing everything from the water, even the healthy minerals. Finally, we compared results with data obtained from one of the latest water testing reports to be sure that our list is more truthful.

And now, let’s see our list of 10 healthiest bottled water brands in 2018.

10. SmartWater

pH value: 6.5

We are starting off with the mineral water treated with purification process that simulates hydrologic cycles as it’s done in nature. This process is called vapor distillation. This water is also filtered and remineralized. SmartWater is owned by Coca-Cola Company, and besides the US, it can be found in Australia, Canada, UK, and India.

Healthiest Bottled Water Brands in 2018

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