8 Best Tasting Glass Bottled Water Brands in America

The best tasting glass bottled water brands in America is sort of a misnomer. But folks swear some taste better than others.

As a kid, I rarely got to drink sodas, but when I did, I loved getting them in a glass bottle. I’m not sure why, but a glass bottle just seems a lot cooler and makes the drink taste better. When I see a glass bottle soda, the first thing that comes to mind is “old school” and I like that. However when I see a glass bottle of water, I just think that it’s fancy, or in some cases, over the top. You can understand why I think this after taking a look at the 10 Most Expensive Bottled Water Brands in the World.

While I have no problems drinking from a plastic bottle of water, I can understand where glass might be better for us, and the environment at the same time. Many plastics contain the chemical BPA (which the FDA warns us against), which is why people are straying away from plastics and moving toward glass. This has also been a popular topic when it comes to baby bottles because it’s probably not a good idea to have your infant drink from a bottle full of chemicals. On the other hand, glass has no chemicals as it is made from natural materials (however it should be tested for lead).

8 Best Tasting Glass Bottled Water Brands in America


So, when it comes to the best bottled water to drink for health, you will want to take the actual water, and the bottle into consideration. When it comes to the actual water, many people look for the best bottled water ph. pH typically translates to the amount of alkaline or acid in a bottle of water, which is why so many people are concerned about it. However, there are many debates about which is better for your body, and whether or not it really matters. Many experts claim that bottled water really isn’t that healthy anyway, and the best water is tap water. However, that can be debated too, if you look at a place like Flint, Michigan where the tap water has tested high in traces of lead, which has had disastrous effects to people living there. Generally, the best water is pure and clean, containing natural minerals. This can come from a variety of locations like glaciers and springs. Many times when you get bottled water, the companies use technology to filter the water, or sometimes it’s just regular tap water. Sometimes these processes of extreme filtration actually remove the good minerals from the water, actually making it more unhealthy. Typically, the best bottled water ratings go to those that are from natural springs or are natural mineral waters, as you will see on our list of the best tasting glass bottled water brands in America.

It’s tough to say who has the worst bottled water, as some rank brands like Aquafina or Nestle because they are bottled tap water, but like we mentioned earlier, that’s not always bad. Others claim it’s brands like Smartwater because they use more plastic than most. It’s really up to your own opinion. When it came to the healthiest bottled water 2016we ranked Hildon water, which has a neutral pH and lower sodium than other carbonated waters. For healthiest bottled water 2017, Essentia and Core ranked high on a number of lists for their effectiveness at rehydrating.

As you can see, there’s a lot up for debate when it comes to water and what’s best for us, or what’s better than the others. Because of this, there’s really no quantitative way to determine the best bottled water in the world or in this case, the best tasting waters because a lot of it is based on people’s preferences. For this article, we relied on Amazon and a Google search to determine sales and preferences (based on reviews) of popular glass bottle brands of water. We then ranked our list based on the number of ratings and reviews, so the higher those are, the higher the brand is placed on our list.

Let’s take a dive into our list of best tasting glass bottled water brands in America. (Please note that the images shown throughout the text do not correspond to the actual glass bottled water brands on our list, but only serve an illustrative purpose.)