10 Crazy Facts about France

Bonjour, and welcome to our list of crazy facts about France today! The beautiful country is a melting pot of culture and scenic beauty, but it doesn’t fail to surprise and intrigue as well. We know about the French and their sophisticated tastes but even a country that refined cannot give crazy the miss. After all we all are a little crazy underneath, right?

France is known for its rich history, its beautiful streets, its tasteful wines and delicious fresh bakes. From warm isolated villages to the vibrant and bustling fashion capital of the world, all of it lies in the heart of this country. And its tryst with art is something that the world cannot ever get over. All of it already makes it one of the places in the world that is always found on the traveler’s wish-list, while a honeymoon in Paris has been the most coveted achievement for many newlywed across the world. But, it is the little enticing and sometimes astonishing facts that will make your French experience a really interesting one. It might have you to look at the country in an entirely different light. And, if you have already been to the country and are planning to go again, this time around you might look at things a little differently.

Marcin Krzyzak / Shutterstock.com

Marcin Krzyzak / Shutterstock.com

France is not alone on the unbelievable fact account though. Every country has some unique and quirky truths about them that make them so different from others. That is what adds a little personality to them! Likewise, here are some 50 Crazy Facts about Japan You Won’t Believe.

So, Monsieur and Mademoiselles reading this, would you like to know the crazy facts about France now?