50 Crazy Facts About Japan You Won’t Believe

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Would you like to know 50 crazy facts about Japan that you would probably never guess? For westerners, the Far East remains a mystery still, and the Japanese culture is no exception. When we think about that baffling nation, a number of different things come to mind: sushi, anime, kimonos, sumo, chopsticks, geisha, Tokyo, the atomic bomb, origami, samurais, weird beautiful writing, manga, rice… This country has a rich culture to offer to its visitors, and this is widely known and appreciated, but Japan also has bizarre aspects and insanely fun facts that should not be overlooked.

If you like traveling around the world and getting to know different cultures first hand; to really experience how it is to live somewhere else where traditions and customs are absolutely opposite and alien to yours, then Japan is a mandatory stop. In case you are already planning a trip to this distant beauty, you should check out What To Know About Japan Before Going: The 7 Most Insane Things that will shock and bewilder every visitor.

I’m sure you are eager to find out which are the 50 crazy facts about Japan that we have compiled for you in this list. So let’s get to it already and kick off the countdown.

Crazy Facts About Japan

50. Late-night dancing is illegal in Japan

49. Japan has more than 50,000 people that are over 100 years old

48. Japan has only 2 gun-related homicides a year

47. The world’s oldest company operated in Japan from 578 AD to 2006

46. Japan consists of over 6,800 islands

45. The average delay of a Japanese train is just 18 seconds

44. Square watermelons are grown in Japan

43. There are more pets than children in Japan

42. More adult diapers are sold in Japan than diapers for babies

41. 98% of all adoptions are of male men

If you thought those facts were crazy, wait until you see the remaining 40 crazy facts about Japan, with 40 to 31 on our countdown found on the next page.

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