10 Cheapest Places to Buy Cigarettes in the World

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For the dedicated smokers in this time of ever-increasing tobacco prices, it is good to have in mind the cheapest places to buy cigarettes in the world.

Use of tobacco, just as well as the use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances has great importance and a long history in human society. Characteristics of plants with psychoactive substances, such as cannabis, coca or betel, for example, have long been known to people throughout the world, and they were not only used for their psychoactive properties, but for medical purposes as well.

But tobacco was being used since 4000 of years ago among the peoples of South America, being chewed or smoked. In these cultures, smoking, and use of tobacco and other psychoactive substances, in general, was of the ritual importance and was consumed by shamans. It was of course introduced to the rest of the world when American continent was “discovered” by Europeans in the 15th century when the mass production and cultivation of tobacco started. Even though there are more ways of tobacco use than smoking, such as sniffing or chewing, the most common way of tobacco use remained in the shape of cigarettes.

Certainly, smokers are fed up and bombarded with the information on the harmful impacts of tobacco on health. Surely the warning signs about the impact of tobacco on health on each cigarette pack were irritating at the beginning, but now it is just an integral part of the pack design.

Cheapest Places to Buy Cigarettes in the World


But nevertheless, we will still put some facts here. According to the data of the World Health Organization, tobacco kills half of its users, which is about 7 million people around the globe each year. But it is not only smokers that are affected by this, in this figure of 7 million about 890,000 deaths of passive smokers are included. So, maybe the smoking prohibitions on public places are not as bad idea as it might seem to smokers in the end.

By the way, you can watch the video below to find out 7 cigarette brands that contain the lowest tar and nicotine.

And of course, the price, of tobacco influences its use. Bigger taxes and higher prices, in general, are the important factors, especially for the younger population. That is why the heaviest health issues caused by tobacco consumption are observed in low and middle-income countries, where the use of tobacco is also much higher among the younger population. So, with the higher prices comes, the lesser consumption, and for the matter of the highest cigarette prices in the world, you can check our article on most expensive countries to buy cigarettes in the world. On the contrary, but following the rule, on the issue of the cheapest cigarettes in Europe in 2017 we find countries such as Albania, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus – you get the point, not the wealthiest ones.

Of course, nowadays the easiest way to buy things is online, so the cigarettes fall into this category as well. For that matter, we have chosen some of the 8 Trusted Online Cigarette Stores to Buy Cigarettes Legally that you can check out.

So, the question for our research rose – should we make a comparison based on a certain cigarette brand? For example, how much is a pack of Marlboro Reds? For example, we have found Marlboro price list on Numbeo, according to which you can buy the cheapest Marlboros in Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and the most expensive packs in Australia, New Zealand, and Norway.

But anyway, in the end, we have decided to look for any brand of cigarettes and focus more on the cheapest place to buy cigarettes rather than the brand. So that is why we have tried to obtain information on the cigarette prices by country. The resources we have found were Euronews, Independent.ie, Money, but we got the most comprehensive information from the Cigarette Prices. There we have gotten the information on cigarette prices by country in 2017, which of course represent an approximation, and are based on Marlboro and similar cigarette brands such as Camel, Pall Mall, or Winston.

The additional data on the countries on our list providing with the information on taxation, advertisement bans, public places tobacco prohibition, most sold cigarette brand, etc., was gained from the World Health Organization for each country, and also being the data from 2017. So our final score was taken from both sources combined, showing the price of the most sold cigarette brand in the countries on the list.

Let’s proceed now down to our list to see which the cheapest places to buy cigarettes in the world are:

10. Timor-Leste

Cigarette price for 2017: $1.5

Even though the efforts of the government of Timor-Leste for raising the awareness of the health issues connected with tobacco consumption are on a good path, it is still one of the cheapest places to buy cigarettes in the world. For example, the total taxes as a percent of a retail price is 28% on the most sold brand (which is LA Light in this case), the price for a pack does not exceed $1.5.

Cheapest Places to Buy Cigarettes in the World

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