10 Best Whiskey Countries in the World

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Which are the best whiskey countries in the world? Let’s find out.

Nowadays there are so many different types of whiskey since it is one of the favorite world-widely widespread drinks, and there are some regions of the world which are more famous than other for the production of whiskey. So, that is why in the USA for example, you will find bourbon (and on this matter you might be interested in Best Bourbon for the Money in 2018: 10 Best Bourbons under $50), while rye is characteristic for Canada and so on. On the other hand, many would agree that among the top 5 whiskeys in the world majority would come from Scotland, but that also depends on personal preferences.

Best Whiskey Countries in the World


So what were our criteria for picking the best whiskey countries in the world? We have focused on two: countries that are leading in whiskey production (as you can see this in particular in the Top 10 Whisky Producing Countries in the World) and more importantly the countries that make the best whiskey. So, for the choice of the countries that produce the best whiskey in the world, we have consulted resources such as Esquire, Executive Style, The Independent, Master of Malt, ASW Distillery and CBS News, for example. We’ve also found an interesting article on which countries you should visit if looking for the best whiskey in One Travel. Next was the whisky production by country for which we have found info on Adventures in Whiskyland, WhiskyInvestDirect, and Flaviar.

In order to get a decent bottle of whiskey, it is no longer the question what countries produce whiskey since the number is increasing, but it is rather the matter of details in production and quality measured by the distillation process, aging process, etc. Any single difference in production technique can make a huge difference in taste: type of barrels for aging, number of distillation times, level of peaty, etc.

Now, it is the matter of taste of course, whether you like blends, rye, bourbons, single malts (and if you are still not sure which one you prefer you can check out the introductory about the 7 Smoothest Single Malt Scotch for Beginners), but we have here picked up some of the best whiskey countries in the world in general, using the criteria we have explained earlier. So, let’s check them out then.

10. India

India is a country that consumes the most whiskey in the world regarding the amount of whiskey consumed. Therefore India is a great producer of whiskeys, having 8 out of top 10 best selling whiskeys in the world coming from this country. So, that is the reason we start our list of best whiskey countries in the world with this country.

Best Whiskey Countries in the World

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