10 Cheap Smartphones with Best Call Quality and Signal Reception in 2017

The cheap smartphones with best call quality and signal reception in 2017 will give value to your money and keep your work or social calls going.

There are various smartphone brands out on the market, all with their distinct features, so it’s hard to pick just one. These days, pretty much everyone has a smartphone, from kids all the way up to our grandparents. They’re more accessible than ever, and it’s no longer synonymous with business. There are, of course, the popular iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones, but if you want to deviate from the popular crowd, and choose something different, you’ll want to do some research. For example, you might want to find the cellphones with the best antenna (yes, smartphones still have antennas), so your phone won’t have you constantly annoyed with dropped calls. Of course, you’ll want to check out the best cell phone reception in rural areas if you live in the boondocks. To learn more, take a look at this article on the 7 Smartphones with the Best Call Quality. They might be a little outdated, but newer versions have been made.

 Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.com

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.com

A phone’s audio quality and signal are extremely important. For starters, that’s the whole reason for having a phone. On that same note, if you’re doing business by phone, you definitely don’t want to lose out on money because your phone dropped the call or you couldn’t receive a call or message. If you don’t have one of the smartphones with the best audio quality in 2017 what are you doing with your life?

New smartphone models pop out like mushrooms out-dating the previous ones, which is a little frustrating for us all. New models may not be as good as the previous ones, but some are commercially competitive. It’s important to note that the price does not determine the quality of the phone since there are cheaper smartphones that are still high quality. Professor Gert Frølund Pedersen of Aalborg University in Denmark conducted a study to determine which smartphones have the best signal strength since it is what we need to attain best call quality. Long story short, the phones on our list are among those cellphones with the best antennas. There’s always the case of areas that have weak reception, but it varies by service provider, so that’s a whole other topic to research. Along with the study, we used Amazon and Google to determine what phones made it on this list. Some units are released from previous years but rest assured they are affordable and reliable regarding call quality and signal reception, as well as still on the market. We ranked our smartphones based on the price; the cheapest being on the top of the list.

Let’s see our 10 cheap smartphones with best call quality and signal reception in 2017.