7 Smartphones with Best Call Quality

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Are you interested in knowing the smartphones with the best call quality? Aside from the aesthetics and functionalities a smartphone provides, a sound call quality is another factor that we look at when buying a new phone. According to CNET, recording the distortion level, clarity, and volume level of a smartphone when the user is in a call, is one of the ways to test a phone’s call quality. Of course, the hardware of the smartphone and the environment you are in when taking a call plays a role in identifying the call quality of your mobile.

Most Advanced Smartphones Available On the Market 7 Smartphones with Best Call Quality

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With all the advanced flagships available on the market, we narrowed down our list by tracing the clarity, speaker, and microphone features of a smartphone. Aside from reception, which we did not cover in this article, the hardware and software that improve the call quality of a smartphone are also included.

Before we unveil the smartphones with a crisp quality when it comes to calling, in case you are looking for a smartphone where you can insert a microSD card, you might want to check the 9 smartphones with expandable memory: 2015 models for a quick look!

As we promised, here are the 7 smartphones with the best call quality!

7. Nokia Lumia 930

Call Quality: 6/10
The Nokia Lumia 930 might look average on the outside, but the flagship model provides an enhanced smartphone experience highlighting the simplicity of its specs and features. It has a multi-microphone system that enables the smartphone to save you from jitters. The Nokia Lumia 930 is able to deliver a premium output whether using an earpiece or a speaker. As no smartphone is perfect (yet), the users only complain of the general clarity of the voice when on the phone.

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