Top 10 Financial Services Companies in Fortune 500

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What are the top 10 financial services companies in Fortune 500 list? Every Fortune magazine comes out with its list of the 500 top U.S companies as ranked by their revenue performance, which is widely considered to be the most reliable list to assess company credentials. The first Fortune 500 list had been published in 1955, and since then the legacy has been carried on.

Originally the Fortune 500 list only featured the companies with the top revenue figures in the areas of manufacturing, mining and energy. And along with the associate list of Fortune 50 would be released featuring the 50 biggest service companies in commercial banking, life insurance, retail and transportation ranked by assets as well as revenues respectively. From 1994 onwards, the format has been changed to include the service companies in the main list. The results were game changing with 291 new entrants, and three new players in the top 10 of the list. Goes to show that service companies have been playing a major role in the business environment in America!

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Among the service industry, one of the key services if finance, which is the major driver of the economy. It overarches varied services of life insurance, banking, asset management etc. Our list today features the financial companies who have made waves with their stellar revenue figures, and made their way to be included in this year’s Fortune 500 list. The top players are general staples of the list every year; however the list does look different each year with revenues varying each year and also other impactful business transactions like mergers between firms.

To look at a more elaborate list of the top players in the financial services sector in the world, head to our list of the 25 Largest Financial Services Companies by Revenue. Now, let’s find out who the top 10 financial services companies in Fortune 500, to discover the financial giants in America!

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