Top 5 Cultured Cities in US 2020

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Below you can see our compilation of the top 5 cultured cities in US in 2020. For more further information and our introduction, please click this article.

5. Chicago, IL 

Area: 606.60 km2 / 234.21 sq mi

Population: 2 693 976

Number of museums: 76

There are several amazing museums in Chicago, such as the Field Museum, where you can admire the famous anthropological and biological collections, or the iconic Chicago History Museum.  The city’s nightlife is also attractive for both citizens and tourists. When it comes to the theaters, alongside the famous, legendary Chicago Theater (founded as early as in 1920), there are several also significant ones, such as Broadway In Chicago or Gateway Theater in Jefferson Park. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is known as one of the bests across the globe. Chicago holds the famous Thanksgiving parade every year that you really must visit. Another amazing place is the historical Wrigley Field built in 1914 and the Millennium Park.

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