Top 20 Clothing Brands in the World

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready as you are about to read about top 20 clothing brands in the world!

I claim, there is no women alive that would refuse a piece of haute couture clothes designed by Dior, Balenciaga or almost every other Italian designer. Even though they are among the most expensive clothing brands in the world, some would say it is absolutely worth it! I cannot say that I agree. There are many beautiful clothes that can be quite cheap or let’s just say, cheaper than the prices of high fashion clothes. Zara, as such, offers quite qualitative pieces for reasonable prices. Also, there are others such as Mango, Aldo and many more brands that have an interesting offer as well as prices. But, if you are wealthy enough and love to spend money on clothes, then choose smart and go for the best! In addition, we advise you to have a look at the 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands for Men and 10 Most Popular Clothing Brands for Guys. Girls, don’t take this as a threat, in our article, there is a lot of women clothing brands as well!

Top 20 Clothing Brands in The World

When we say “the best” and “top” in fashion, it can mean lots of things. First, it can mean the best quality clothes which are closely related to expensiveness. Secondly, it can mean the most popular ones, in terms what type of clothes is sold the most. Thirdly, we mustn’t forget that something is “in” when celebrities start to wear it. So, the fashion is changeable variable considering all this. Top clothing brands, therefore, change very often. Apparel Costing blog made a list of top 100 clothing brands that I found very interesting. Also, there are much more luxury fashion brands lists online than the commercial ones. Also, they are all concentrated on a couple of countries such as France, Italy and the US. True, they are offering top clothing brands for men and women, but then again they are limiting our choice of clothing. What they offer is what are we going to wear in one way or another. But, what about top clothing brands in India, for example? According to Buddymantra, those are Allen Solly and Provogue. Sounds familiar?

If not, top clothing brands for 2016 will sound for sure. Two years ago, Craig Grain, Vetements and Gucci were one of the favorites, according to the Hype Beast. In order to create a list for this year, the first thing we ought to do was to define the meaning of the “top.” As mentioned earlier, “top” for fashion brands could mean so many things. Therefore, we decided to give a significance of luxurious, stylish and how many times the brand was worn on the red carpets. So, we had three steps in our research. First, we checked suggestions for top luxury fashion brands on websites such as This is Insider and The Complex. Second, we look for the most stylish ones suggested by the Hype Beast and the Style Craze. Finally, as the Oscar is not just a film orientated, but fashion orientated show as well, we checked the Hollywood Reporter for the fashion clothing brands that were worn the most. By comparing those three lists, we calculated the average and made our genuine list. The ranking of the top 20 clothing brands in the world goes from the least popular fashion brand to the most popular one. You will be surprised to see that they are not all best women’s clothing brands, but men’s as well.


20. Moschino

Italian fashion brand Moschino was founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino. It is specialized in leather accessories, shoes, luggage and many more. They have over 150 boutiques worldwide, but the headquarters is in Milan, Italy.

Top 20 Clothing Brands in The World

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