11 Most Expensive Clothing Brands for Men

If you have a luxurious taste for fashion, then you should look into these 11 most expensive clothing brands for men. Over the past decades, designer men’s clothing has been getting a lot more popular. Even fashion brands that were once exclusive to women have now expanded to include men in their annual releases. While designer women’s clothing will probably retain as the most expensive of all clothing, menswear is surely getting into the high price range as well.

Although many can argue that these luxury brands are just expensive because of the name they carry, designer brands have a very noticeable quality set apart from those you’ll normally see at stores. They’ll often last longer and have better fabric, texture, weight, etc. Of course, a man can find clothing of similar quality at a much lower price so it just really depends on personal preference. If you’re looking for something luxurious for kids, there is also the list of 11 most expensive clothing brands for kids.

11 Most Expensive Clothing Brands for Men

Lu Mikhaylova/Shutterstock.com

It’s quite difficult to rank all clothing brands because not every brand displays the prices of their clothing. As such, we are limited to those that display their prices online. We also take into consideration brands that offer several types of clothing compared to just one. To also have a baseline of comparison between each brand, we have to take a look at a retailer that offers most of what is available from popular designers. For this list, we take a look at websites Farfetch and Mr Porter which give us a convenient way of comparing multiple brands.

In order to rank most expensive clothing brands for men, we take the most expensive item currently available and the lowest priced item so that we get an average cost for each brand. While this may not be 100% accurate, it gives us a good idea on what brands are the most expensive so we can rank them accordingly. Do take into account that not all brands are represented as some do not provide complete pricing on their wares. Without any more delay, let’s look into these 11 most expensive clothing brands for men: