Top 15 Most Popular American Youtube Channels

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Let’s tune into the top 15 most popular American Youtube channels. Ever since its inception Youtube has been constantly rising in popularity all over the world and US has definitely been one of the forerunners. And, with the analytics game intensifying, every marketer is trying to look for the channels where the traffic is flocking to, and the American channels occupy most of the top spots.

While channels are battling it out for the views, the tables are being turned every other day. So that leaves us wondering – which are after all the highest performing channels on the tube today and how can their popularity be assessed? The two most important parameters, therefore, can be said to be the number of subscribers and the number of views on the channels. But if we consider them independently, neither of them can accurately give us an exact measure of popularity. Simply having a great number of subscribers can be a misleading measure because it doesn’t exactly show us the number of active users, and idle users are of little value. Similarly a channel can experience a sudden spike in views for a certain uploaded video which can blow up its overall views.

Popularity of a channel should ideally signify the ability of the channel to consistently maintain the number of active users and consistent views. To make its list of the Top 15 Most Popular American Youtube Channels, InsiderMonkey has taken into account the top performing American channels by both the subscribers and views and has made its ranking by applying weights accordingly. We have obtained our data from reliable stats sites which are constantly tracking the trends on Youtube.

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Let’s proceed to unearth what’s hot on the tube right now with our current list!

15. Maroon5VEVO,

Subscribers – 8,589,752

Views – 3,851,598,907

The American band’s VEVO channel has an overall rank of 15 in our list. The channel that contains music videos of the band seems to emulate the band’s growing popularity around the world, with the channel experiencing approximately 8000 new subscribers on a daily basis.

Most Popular American Youtube Channels Maroon5VEVO

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