15 Most Popular YouTube Songs of All Time

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We take a peek into online history as we check the 15 most popular YouTube songs of all time. YouTube has become one of the most popular websites around the world. It originally started out as a video sharing platform where everyone can post. Since then it has evolved dramatically with investors and partners rolling in. YouTube has become the main place to check out the latest videos, music, news and information from famous companies online. It has also created a community of “Youtubers”, or popular people who post regular video content online.

Watching and listening to music and music videos for free is one of the reasons that made YouTube so popular. Because it is a relatively newer platform for music, the most popular songs on the website don’t go as far in history as you would expect. Often times it is the current trends in music that are making a big impact online. For a more comprehensive list of the most popular songs in the world you can also check out The 10 Most Popular Songs of All Time. New songs will probably have a hard time trying to get over the popularity that these 15 songs have established.

There is one definitive way to measure how popular a song is on the website. That is by view count. Whether people have different opinions or whether or not the impact of the song has been good, view counts translate to popularity. Let’s find out more as we check out the 15 most popular YouTube songs of all time.

15. Danza Kuduro

Don Omar has been getting a lot of popularity this year with songs reaching really high view counts.  This is the song that breaks through to this top 15 list having received 693 million views. This could bode well for the future of his career.

Most Popular YouTube Songs of All Time

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