11 Best Smartphones For Music Lovers

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Everyone loves music, even if it’s just a little bit, and everyone also has a smartphone (except for the woman I saw in the Apple Store the other day with a flip phone), which is why we’ve combined those two things to create the list of the 11 best smartphones for music lovers.

I would rather die than have any phone that isn’t an iPhone. I limit the amount of time I spend with people who don’t have iPhones and I don’t even want to text someone that yields a green bubble message. No thanks. I also have Apple Music, which invented music streaming as far as I’m concerned. There’s nothing more convenient than having my music streaming service in my phone’s native music app. Everything is streamlined and beautiful and in my humble opinion Apple has never done a wrong thing in the entire time it’s done anything. We’ve come a long way since Walkmans and even the traditional iPod. I used to have one of those clip-on iPod Shuffles and that was quite an experience. Compared to the massive screen on my iPhone 7 Plus, that thing is a toy.

Music quality is extremely important to a lot of people, especially on their smartphones considering we carry them with us everywhere. They’re not only phones these days; they function as computers and the device from which we play music when we’re on the train and trying to dissociate for the 30-minute commute to work. Smartphone creators have come a long way in creating phones that are great for music by improving the speakers and the overall storage space as well. If you’re a real music connoisseur and just interested in sound quality, check out our list of 7 Smartphones with the Best Audio Quality.

In order to create this list of the 11 best smartphones for music lovers, we sourced the data from three reputable smartphone review websites: Phone Arena, Mobile Scout, and PC Advisor. The rankings from these websites were then arranged to come up with the 11 best. The smartphones listed here are in no particular order, so you should know that the iPhone 7 plus is number one in my heart.

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