Top 10 Sugar Producing Countries in the World

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The top 10 sugar producing countries in the world are lucky enough to yield in abundance the item that no household lacks.

All of us experience sugar cravings throughout the day. If you don’t, please share your secret with the rest of us! For us normal folks, however, it’s always a worry that our daily sugar consumption will end up being more than what is healthy. The worry is not unfounded of course. In 2012, the average added sugar intake of people in America amounted to 77 grams per day! We all know excess sugar can have dire effects, like tooth problems, diabetes, and heart diseases but in addition to all these issues, an uncontrolled sugar intake means high chances of obesity, a boat none of us want to be in. In spite of all that, sometimes it’s extremely hard to restrain that sweet tooth. Aah, the struggle.

Bear in mind that these harmful effects are restricted to refined sugars. Natural sugars found in fruits are extremely healthy, nutritious and full of flavor. The refined crystallized sugar is, however, quite detrimental to health when consumed in extreme quantities (the bitter truth).

Top Sugar Producing Countries in the World

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Nonetheless, no one can argue that sugar is an absolute necessity. Why else would there be huge corporations like Suedzucker (Germany) and Cosan Industria & Comercio (Brazil) producing large quantities of sugar competing for the label of the largest sugar companies in the world.

More than 70% sugar is made from sugar cane, so the largest producers of sugarcane in the world are more often than not top sugar producing countries as well. But which nations are these exactly? We decided to answer that question and update our previous list of 8 countries that produce the most sugar in the world. Our list is mostly made up of tropical countries where sugarcane can easily be harvested but you will find a few anomalies as well. Unfortunately, no African countries made the cut. Even Illovo Sugar Africa, the biggest sugar producer in Africa, couldn’t help the continent move up the ladder. But it is what it is. Speaking of largest sugar producing countries, you might as well check out 10 Countries that Export the Most Sugar in the World.

So to compile our list of the largest sugar producing countries 2017, we scoured the internet and found various sources like the International Sugar Organization, Bee Culture, and Statista. All of them had the same countries on their lists, but for exact production numbers, we went with Statista as it had the most recent numbers for 2017-2018. Without further ado, let’s see what our research on top sugar producing countries in the world yielded:

10. Australia

Production: 4.7 million metric tons

Australia is a hub of great food, fresh produce, and amazing plants. It is also well known for its desserts, so it being one of the largest producers of sugar doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

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