8 Countries that Produce the Most Sugar in the World

For all of you sweet tooth, sugar craving people we have prepared a special list of countries that produce the most sugar in the world. As you all know, the demand for sugar production in the world is constantly rising, and these countries below are trying to answer to them. Today we’ll focus on the bad side of this, and hopefully, make at least one person to be more careful about what they will eat in the future.

Mmm, sugar! Thanks to it, all those sweets, candies, ice creams and other treats have the taste we easily get hooked on. And getting hooked is the point behind the big food industry, which is why most of the food products contain amazing amounts of sugar. As with most of the things in these modern times – everything is just a matter of business and earning more money. Adding sugar to the food products increases chances of people liking the product and getting addicted to it. Yes, you can get addicted to sugar. While this is not the same addiction as an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can still bring serious problems upon someone’s shoulders.

8 Countries that Produce the Most Sugar in the World


What is the catch? Why is sugar considered so unhealthy, when it is a natural product that has been eaten for a long time? First of all, there is an important difference between the natural sugar and refined one. The natural sugar in fruit, for example, comes with many other healthy nutrients, such as vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants. In this combination sugar is absorbed slower, which is good. Processed crystal sugar doesn’t contain additional nutrients, which is why it is absorbed much faster, and it raises blood sugar levels and insulin rapidly. One of the consequences of raising and dropping levels of blood sugar and insulin rapidly is diabetes.

Unfortunately, diabetes is not the only sugar related disease. Regular consumption of large amounts of sugar can lead to obesity, heart problems, and even cancer. Tooth decay is maybe the simplest problem that sugar consumption also causes.

So, how do we get hooked on something so bad for us? Easily. Like with drugs. The moment you consume something rich in sugar, you will feel good, energetic, refreshed. But very soon, the levels of your blood sugar will fall, and you will feel bad. You will crave for more. People easily fall in this circle. According to one study, consuming too much sugar can lead to depression, and not the other way around, which is usually assumed.

The crucial problem is that sugar is added to a plethora of food products, which is why it is so hard to trace how much of it we consume every day. According to some estimates, an average American consumes around 150 pounds of sugar per year, which is around 146 pounds more than 300 years ago. Yes, you read that right. And this is all thanks to the popularity of soda, ketchup, and other similar products that most of us consume regularly and don’t even think about how much sugar they contain. With these numbers, the US easily tops the list of 11 countries that consume the most sugar in the world.

More than 70% of all sugar is produced from sugar cane, which is why we are basing our list of countries that produce the most sugar in the world on their sugar cane production  To find out those countries that dominate sugar cane production world, we’ve used statistic data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Even though only the statistics from 2013, are available, chances are nothing much has changed since then, because, as we could see from the same source, these countries below were at the top in the previous years, too.