Top 10 Online Clothing Retailers In the World

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What are the top 10 online clothing retailers in the world? Internet is fast becoming the preferred choice for even the clothing shopping. The obvious perk is the convenience, but shoppers are opting for internet shopping for a lot of other advantages like increased options and often discounted prices. And, the last decade has proved to be somewhat of a game changer in the development of online clothing retailers.

While U.S alone accounts for total online retails sales of around $350 billion every year, Europe has emerged as a recent hotspot for clothing retail. The rise of social media’s influence has also contributed to the growth of internet shopping of clothes. The fashion forward people are getting increasingly inclined towards the slapdash form of shopping instead of spending hours at a physical mall or store. Also, the fact that these online stores are increasingly abreast with the latest trends have helped fuelled their popularity.

The advent of smartphones and apps in shopping has also been a major factor for their further growth. Not only clothes and apparel retail but e-commerce as a whole has greatly been affected by the ever-developing technology. And, it seems like where we stand today, there are no secrets that e-commerce might just be the next- big- thing in the retail industry.

Clothing Stocks Retailers

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Like the 5 Largest Online Retailers in the World have shown constant potential in becoming major retail players and have dominated the online retail industry by far, the top 10 online clothing retailers in the world are the top player in the more specialized retail industry of apparel and accessories. Of course, with such a lucrative industry, the competition is also intense and every year we see some very promising new comers make their entry. But the top players have kept their position with their innovativeness, merchandising choices and customer service.

So are you curious which are the biggest profit-making companies and clothing stores online? Take a look at the list!

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