7 Most Expensive Useful Android Apps in 2015

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The most expensive useful Android apps in 2015 could change the way you use your mobile phone. In today’s time when mobile phone users not only take calls or text, but also rely on internet dependent apps, it is crucial to have an idea about the best apps in the business. Could you imagine still using the old phones? These days, from Facebook to Twitter, internet users rely on their mobile apps in order to do the things that they want.

Android is the most widespread OS not only for smart phones, but also for mobile devices. Google’s OS offers a great number of apps to their users. Due to the changing demands of mobile phone users, app developers have come up with a variety of tools that could help people in different scenarios. These apps could either come free, or it could be for sale. Though some apps can be bought for a few bucks, there are those specialized apps that have an expensive price tag. However, let’s be clear that for this particular list, we’ll be discussing the most expensive useful android apps in 2015.


What makes apps useful? Apps become functional for different activities. Regardless if it helps you connect with other people or help you find your location, these are some of the functions that you expect from apps. Depending on the targeted niche, app developers make mobile phones as a handy assistant.

If you’ll look at an article for the most expensive android apps, you’ll realize that some apps can be sold for a whopping $100 per download! Do you ever wonder why app development is becoming a huge industry today? According to the latest statistics, the app development industry is now is becoming bigger and bigger. Worldwide, 22% of the population already owns a smartphone. If you will translate this percentage into numbers, that would be around 1.5 billion smart phones. Worldwide, 78% of the market share is controlled by Android. Surprisingly, only 18% of the smart phone market is controlled by Apple.

The most popular app today is still Facebook, which could be downloaded for free. Among other apps include Gmail, Instagram and Google Search. These apps are popular not only for the fact that they are free across different operating systems, but they are also useful in various situations.

7. Pocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound

Specifically made for the medical field, the Pocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound was made to make evaluation easier for the medical professionals. For this particular app, it doesn’t need to be connected online in order to be functional. Based on the book Emergency Ultrasound, it is a proven effective tool especially when you are still learning interpreting the ultrasound results.

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