Top 10 Most Charitable Companies in America

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There are thousands of charities which rely almost exclusively on donations from the public to survive and perform their valuable civic duties; charities which would almost certainly fall if not for some of the most charitable companies in America. Despite the generosity of millions of Americans who donate some of their hard-earned money to their favorite causes, many of these charities simply wouldn’t survive without the overwhelming support they receive from wealthy corporations, who donate millions of dollars annually in cash and products to worthy causes.


This perhaps comes as a surprise to some, as the US is often seen as the epitome of a greedy, capitalistic society, whose corporations are only interested in amassing as many zeroes as possible on their bottom lines. Yet a quick glance at our previous list on The 10 Most Charitable Countries in the World reveals that the US is indeed one of the top ten most giving nations on Earth, and the most charitable companies in America play a big role in those results. Just where did they place? Who, if anyone, eclipsed their giving nature? Check out the list to find out.

Our upcoming list details both the cash and product donations of each company, though the list is based solely on the amount of cash donated. This actually leaves our second place finisher slightly behind the top cash donator, though they were the only company to donate over $1 billion in both cash and products combined (and no one else even came close).

Are you curious to see now which companies are the most charitable companies in America? Read on to find out just how friendly your neighborhood corporations really are.

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