Top 10 Jobs for Introverted People With Anxiety

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Managing your way through life when you’re an introverted person can be a challenge, and that’s especially true of work, which makes finding good jobs for introverted people with anxiety a priority for those who are awkward or uncomfortable around people (or at the very least, too many people). It’s a reality that introverted people simply can’t succeed in some career paths, even though they might otherwise enjoy the work. Personality traits such as tenacity, good social skills, and the ability to speak one’s mind are often an absolute must in order to succeed and/or advance in some positions.

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Shy people are not without hope however, as there are plenty of good careers and jobs for introverted people. We would now like to present you with just such a list, which we have based on a report by Forbes Magazine. The jobs we have listed in our countdown are tailor-made for those who enjoy solitary work and don’t mind being cooped up in front of a desk all day, or busily going about their solitary tasks with little human interaction. While some of us dread the idea of spending an entire day with little or even no interaction with others, there are quite a few people out there who much prefer this type of work day. Not only does such a position limit the possibility for stress that could result from inter-office politics or other factors related to working with other people, but it also allows you to focus on your tasks and increase your productivity. If you’re interested in more on this subject, check out our feature on free business productivity tools for small businesses, to avoid some of those common pitfalls, which includes distractions.

Thankfully, introverts do have a lot of options to choose from in terms of a career, from a multitude of fields (see easiest fields to get a job in). And the great news is that most of them are quite handsomely rewarded. Since all of the jobs on our list are suitable for introverts, instead of ranking them in an arbitrary order, we decided instead to rank them by their estimated annual median salaries, according to statistics released by the US Bureau of Labor. The median salary represents the amount of money at which half the people in the workforce gain more and half gain less (as opposed to the mean, which tends to be skewed higher than the median because of the highest paying positions).

In addition to that, we have also included the projected growth rates for each of these positions, as also estimated by the Bureau of Labor. There’s a lot to get to and consider, so don’t shy away; let’s get started with our countdown of the best jobs for introverted people with anxiety.

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