The 10 Wildest Conspiracy Theories

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Imagine a world without mysteries, without the wildest conspiracy theories; what a dull world that would be, no? What fun would it be after all, if the world was so devoid of interesting or debatable events that there was simply no controversy and no questioning anything that happened in the world? It would be pretty dull indeed.


Thankfully, that is not the world we love in, and conspiracy theories abound over all manner of events, some of which are outlandish, others so rational that you wonder how they’re not the accepted truth, but are still considered as some of the wildest conspiracy theories to this day. And that’s the beauty of conspiracy theories; they are events that will likely forever be shrouded in some level of secrecy or mystery. Are we ever really going to have a definitive answer or closure over who killed JFK, and/or who was really behind it? Probably not.

In other cases, conspiracy theories are crafted seemingly from nothing but wild imaginations, and it’s these theories that tend to give a bad name in general to conspiracy theorists as being people who simply want to believe in the alternative for the sake of it, rather than because it necessarily makes the most sense. As some people theorize, the glut of conspiracy theories could even be false flags of sorts, set up to muddy the conspiracy waters and obscure the real conspiracies from the public’s eyes.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve gathered a list of the ten wildest conspiracy theories today. Check them out and see which ones sound plausible, and which have the trademarks of fantasy. And if you simply can’t get enough conspiracies, we have another great list you can check out afterwards, The 7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories.

So put your tin foil hats on now, and let’s check out the list.

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