Most Expensive Seafood in the World

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The majority of coastal locations offer different types of fish and seafood on their menus, but which creatures are considered the most expensive seafood in the world? The variety of water natives is large, fluctuating in shapes and sizes across the different seas and oceans. And like every other food group, seafood can be purchased fresh at fishermen’s markets or processed and packaged in retail supermarkets. However, there’s no doubt that the most exclusive, and therefore pricey, types of prawns, oysters, and fish are hard to scout and can require quite the investment.

For those of you who enjoy roaming the oceans on luxury yachts, check out our list of the 8 most expensive boats in the world. Although you will likely be able to acquire several of these seafood options at sea, some are truly difficult to come by. So, if you’re curious to see which water inhabitants are on the menu of gourmet restaurants and what makes them so special, take a look at our list of the most expensive seafood in the world.

8. Scottish lobster

Lobster is generally known as one of the priciest seafood choices on the market and this kind is particularly rare. It can be purchased in Edinburgh, at one of the many fresh seafood markets and the lobster requires a delicate seasoning so as to not overpower the meat’s subtle flavour. 1 kg of this delicacy costs approximately $40.

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