Top 10 Logistics Companies In The World In 2017

The top 10 logistics companies in the world in 2017 are global names having a wide international footprint, extensive distribution networks, and impeccable reputation. These are renowned names from different parts of the world – the U.S.A., Germany, France, Switzerland and Japan.

Logistics can be defined as the efficient and effective transportation and storage of goods from one place to another. Without a proper distribution of resources, society could cease to function in a sane manner. Logistics is the backbone of an economy and as the global economy expands, logistics is becoming increasingly important. Today logistics involves more than the mere transportation of goods – good infrastructure and record-keeping also ensure promptness, seamless and effective deliveries. Growth in the international trade agreement is one of the most significant factors contributing towards the progression of logistics market.

Favorable government trade policies, burgeoning e-commerce growth, technological innovation are few important growth drivers for the global logistics market. Increasing shopping activity across borders is expected to account for 20% of e-commerce by 2022. Technavio estimates that the global logistics market is expected to grow at 7% CAGR by 2021.



Every industry uses logistics – manufacturing, retail, government, healthcare, media and entertainment, telecommunication, banking, and information technology etc. But retail and manufacturing industries have been the major growth drivers in recent years. Based on the various logistics model types, the logistics market is segmented into first party logistics, second party logistics, third party logistics and others. 3PLs have been particularly gaining traction in the emerging economies which have witnessed an impressive growth in the logistics industry over the past decade. Based on the type of transport infrastructure logistics could be categorized into four types – roadways, waterways, railways, and airways. Road transport is the most favorable mode of logistic transport.

E-commerce and technology will reshape the logistics market to a great extent.  The top logistics companies in the world in 2017 will be required to come up with more innovative solutions to deliver goods ordered online. A fully-integrated supply chain management solution is the need of the hour and technology will have a major role to play in this area. Electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic ordering system, emphasis on waste reduction, inventory control, consistent operations etc. are other pre-requisites.

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