10 Best Summer Jobs for 16 Year Olds

Earn a good amount of money by seeking these best summer jobs for 16 year olds. Summer is one of the most favored seasons for a lot of people. It’s a vacation and holiday season and a lot of places in the world celebrate with events, promotions, movie releases, and many other things. For a teen that’s gone on summer break, the season provides an opportunity to pursue other interests and hobbies. Most of all, it provides the opportunity for financial gains. During the summer months, most don’t have the luxury of having money or allowance. It is important to earn a good amount of money to buy things or participate in events one would like to.

You’d be surprised at how much opportunities are available for teens and those just wanting a summer gig. These jobs range differently from part-time to full-time jobs. Most 16 year olds can actually qualify for employment opportunities that are typically done by college students, like some of those listed in The 8 Best Summer Jobs for College Students. With employment being difficult in some places in the world, one may even find competition from older people and professionals. You’ll find that a lot of these opportunities are not really difficult and will be easier the more experience you get.

These jobs are ranked based on how much you would earn on this job and considers how many hours you do it as well. There will be some differences and we hope to take the costs by average. This also takes into account how much effort you need to put in and how steep the learning curve is. Let’s learn more as we go through the best summer jobs for 16 year olds:

10. Ride Operator

Operating rides at an amusement park isn’t necessarily a high paying job but it isn’t a difficult one either. It just requires a bit of training as you have to instruct people on the safety regulations of the ride. It also just requires a few press of buttons.

Best Summer Jobs for 16 Year Olds

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