10 Best Summer Jobs to Learn English

If English is not your native language and you live in a non-English speaking country, constantly struggling to learn how to communicate in it, pay attention to our list of 10 best summer jobs to learn English.

The best way to learn a foreign language is to spend some time in the country where it is spoken, though this is not always the easiest thing to do. It requires a lot of money, time and patience, and not everyone is able to provide it and enjoy it fully. On the other side, there are always some options that may help you travel and learn, such as getting the scholarship for your studies or finding a job that may help you communicate with people a lot and earn some money. Of course, if you know English, but you still want to discuss the option of working and traveling, don’t forget to check our list of 10 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel.

10 Best Summer Jobs to Learn English

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The English language is probably the most important language in the world, and you may use it to communicate wherever you are. It is really devastating when you cannot speak it, so the best time to start learning it is actually – now! We know that taking a course or listening to the English lectures at primary or secondary school is not always the best option to learn, since in most of the cases people only get to acquire the basics, such as introducing themselves and catching up with several phrases. On the other side, if you spend a lot of time with people to whom English is native, you will learn much more in a very short period of time. It is why we really tried hard to provide you the list of the jobs that may be helpful to learn it. Inevitable to mention is the fact that this was not an easy task at all. You need to remember that there are rarely the jobs that will offer you the English course while you are working, so everything is mostly focused on communicating with people, with the system of learn-as-you-work.

The Guardian gave us a food for thought for the very beginning, but eventually, we ended up making our own list of all the jobs that can be done in English speaking countries and do not require English in the beginning, but are suitable for learning in terms of being surrounded by people who speak it all the time. One Quora discussion was also helpful in that process, and we made the list of numerous jobs that one may do in order to learn the language. We managed to come up with lots of suitable positions, but the biggest problem actually was the final classification, since it is basically impossible to classify them according to the speed of learning the language, considering the fact we are all very specific and different in acquiring the knowledge. It is why we also focused on some other conditions, such as salary, since we know how important it is beside learning the language and made the classification according to it. Eventually, each of these jobs will be very much useful if you are persistent and determined to learn the language, so brace yourselves and read our list of best summer jobs to learn English.