Purple Ketchup, Celery Soda, and 6 Other Crazy Food Ideas That Flopped

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There are obvious reasons as to why purple ketchup, celery soda, and 6 other crazy foods flopped terribly. Some of these products you may know, others were so outrageously unsellable that they didn’t last in the market for more than a year, while others have been flopping for decades, but have managed to remain in production to this day. Nor were these flops only from unknown companies trying anything to get noticed, but from major brands like PepsiCo, Inc. (NYSE:PEP) and Kraft Heinz Foods Co (NYSE:KHC), among others.

Of course, this level of abysmal flunking usually happens with manufactured products rather than natural ones. It’s way harder to get it wrong with vegetables, so if you sleep on the healthy side of the bed, you might care to read about the 12 Most Consumed Vegetables in the US.

There’s a long list of marketing or contextual reasons for why products may not succeed, and from the most assorted varieties. Timing is one of them; it is important to adapt to changing times and a shifting market. Being unable to target the correct audience is also a classic mistake; it doesn’t matter how much you put into advertising, people will realize if you’re trying to shove down their throats a product that makes no sense for them.

In other cases, the products have proven to be a disaster themselves. People may be stupid, but when merchandise advertises the risk of “loose stool” on the package, they don’t tend to come around very easily. Oh, how many disastrous food fails you are in for! Are you curious? Step right up and find out why purple ketchup, celery soda, and 6 other crazy foods flopped?

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